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Hallmark Wishes They Were Badass…

Second last day!!  I can’t believe how fast November went by!

*sudden heart pounding realization*

Holy crap.  It’s December on Thursday.


Today’s prompt is short and sweet and oh-so-very me.  Very much.  And I’ve had a really pissy day.

“Write a greeting card for someone in your community to help them express themselves about a new diagnosis, treatment, or experience related to their health condition. Feel free to get creative and pick out a cover image and a personal signature. What type of card you think everyone in your community could use?



Today you’ve earned a place amongst heroes.

A place where your powers will triumph over ignorance.

Here you will find your allies in the chronic league.

Obstacles will rise before you and you will face your kryptonite.

The battles will be long.  They will be fierce.

You are not invalidated by the woes of the world, but you will use them to fuel your quest for knowledge and empowerment.

In the end, know that “hope needs will”…you, and you alone, have the power to choose the outcome.

Astonish them.

Signed, Your Friendly Neighbourhood Chronic Badass.

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days


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