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Greens+ for day 1

I’m new to a lot of the healthy eating stuff. Oh, my family eats well. Enough. But you can always stand to eat BETTER. So, I’m lacking. In EVERYTHING. Which as I am certain is NOT helping my conditions.

This weekend I took a jaunt out to Shopper’s Drug Mart and picked up a container of Greens+ Multi and a package of the protein shake (I love protein shakes!!…this one is Orangesicle flavour).
Instructions for newbies: 1/3 scoop to 375 mL of water or juice. I used 1/2 scoop to 400 mL (because that’s what my water bottle had on it!) of iced tea.
**Insert warning: if you buy a container, make sure you know what flavour you’re getting!**
Vanilla flavoured Arizona Iced Tea as green as the grass in summer.
If I was any “normal” person just looking to get healthier, I assure you that’s where THAT line would’ve ended.
**Insert another warning: do not look at this stuff when mixed. Seriously. Don’t.**
But, I’ve got to get my arse in gear and start somewhere. This is my comfort zone for doing so…
Actually, it didn’t taste so bad and I was able to drink it up. Empty stomach. Let it digest 1/2 hour prior to consuming anything else.
Let me tell you….I wasn’t hungry all flippin’ morning. No wonder this stuff is good for weight loss! (My intent is NOT to lose weight…just so we’re clear…if it happens, it’s a bonus)
I’m pleased. I just won’t look at it. My second son looked at the glass and had come into the room asking what “that drink is”…which one? “The one that looks like green goo”. Nice. It doesn’t look like GOO…just so you know. But this dark green alien…blech…
**Insert reminder: I’d mixed it with iced tea!!**
On another note, happiness in the weekend…we brought our kittens home :o)

The orange one is Leif, the calico is Sookie. Yes, I’m a True Blood addict ;o) They’ve been sleeping on me off and on all day. This gives me free therapy. I feel content.
I am warm and squishy inside with cuteness :o)

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