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Go, Go Creative Home Reno!!!

“What did you do today?”

Well, I finally had both the daycare girls…got the younglings all set up for play…

…pondered what I should do about the “container cupboard”. It’s been driving me bat-shit crazy.  I’m not adverse to plastic containers…I AM adverse to opening up the cupboard and having the toxic fumes of “stuffy” and “dingy” greet my nose.

What to do.

What to do.

Well, if there’s a smell inside the cupboard, and there’s no smell outside the cupboard, logic would stand to reason that by taking the door OFF of the cupboard, one might alleviate the nasal essences. (could happen)

I took the damn cupboard door off.

After I cleaned the stuff out of the cupboard.

After I cleared off the top of the fridge beside the cupboard.

After I cleared off the top of the microwave under the cupboard.

What to do.

What to do.

I KNOW! *shit-eating grin*

Paint.  I’ve got lots of awesomesauce colour left over from doing the main level.

One of the colours co-ordinates very well with the wallpaper I’d used for the counter backsplash, which was left over from doing the main floor bathroom.


I’m a fucking genius.

The cupboard in question.








Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin…








Well, that’s looking a little more “distressed” than I’m used to…

“Patience, young Padawan…”

I continue…








There we go…that’s what I’m takin’ about…









Genius.  Creatified.

(no, that’s not a word, but this was so schizzle, I earned the right to make one up)

That’s right…mutha’ freakin’ WALLPAPER.

Co-ordinates with this same paper I’d used for the backsplash of the kitchen:






And in between all the awesomeness there was cooking and cleaning and playing and reading and all the other types of schizzle that generally makes up my days where I’m taunted by the Creativity Fairy.


*mental note to self: apparently your dumb ass put the package of noodles on top of the pot at the top of the cupboard.


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