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Glitter Glue and Rock People…

Day 13 of #HAWMC – 10 Things I Couldn’t Live Without

At some point you have at least heard this situation posed to someone (if not to you): if you were stranded on an island, what are the 10 items you would need/want to have with you?”

Now, the challenge also says that we can approach this post from any viewpoint: “…a Health Activist, patient, caregiver, parent, sports enthusiast, healthcare provider, etc.”

I’d really like to actually take a break from being any of the above this weekend.


Because this chronic badass is away for the weekend with the girls on a scrapbooking retreat.


For the sake of all humanity.


This weekend I am NOT defined by my afflictions or my titles as a wife, mother, provider, taxi, dental hygenist, conflict mediator, nurse, referee…well…you get the idea.

THIS is my “space.”  THIS is where nothing else on the planet matters.

THIS is my re-group, re-focus, reason for taking care of myself.

So.  I’m going to redefine the challenge to be: If I were to be stranded on an island conveniently solo with only my scrapbooking supplies…what 10 items would I need/love to have with me?!?

1)  Papers.  The more, the better.  I am a self-certified paper hoarder.  Specifically, Graphic 45 collections and Basic Grey collections.

2) Adhesive.  Preferably temperature resistant because my island will be warm enough not to have any muscular flare-ups.

3) BLING.  Ya, I’m a bling-ho.

4) Flowers.  Ya, acid and lignin free.  (Not the real ones.  I’m not that girly.)  There is no such thing as a “mistake” in scrapbooking…only a new opportunity to put a flower on your layout.

5) Paper trimmer.  I can only tolerate paper-ripping for so long.

6) INK!!!  Although a tattoo artist would be stellar, I’m talking about the kind you can use for stamps and the edges of paper…it makes an element “pop.”  Different kinds, too.  Pigment ink for general purposes…Staz-On for non-porous surfaces (‘Cuz I want to stamp faces on the all the rocks so that I have “friends” to play with…)

7) Stamps.  Not the usual sentiments, either…Replace “Thank You” with “WTF” and “Thinking of You” with “Badass.”  That would be fun. (Oh look, already delusional.)

8) Stickles.  It’s like glitter glue for big people.  You can “draw” thin lines of glitter.  Perfect for outlining the lips on the Rock People. I might have a slight addiction to them.  53 at last count. There are some in the black case in the photo…which leads me to #9.

9) Thickers.  So that I’d have need for my porn bag.


(Keep up with the posts, and you’ll know what I’m talking about *grin*)

10)  My cell phone.  I don’t seem to be able to solidly “take it easy” and “relax” without having some kind of connection to the outside world while I’m here, what in the blue hell makes you think I could manage whilst totally on my own?!?  Besides, I’d have to be able to Google new symptoms.

The fact that I’m still keeping up with my posts for the Wego Health Activists Writing Month Challenge?

Badass. 😉






This post was written in participation of WEGO Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge, April 2012.



  1. shirley

    If I was stranded on an island I’d have a good book to read, a Bible, lots of bottled water. my digital camera, lots of snacks, granola bars, dried fruits,
    50+ sunscreen, a wide brimmed hat, long sleeved shirts, a pair of high end sneakers, lip gloss. A lot of writing paper & bottles to put my thoughts in after I write um down. A white flag & big HELP ME sign. A comfortable lounge chair & cooler with coronas/lime , find a shady palm & RELAX

    • Brynn

      Ooooooooooo….I love the message in the bottles!! 🙂 Good call!! I’d probably say, “I’m doing fine, please let me stay here!!” *lol*

  2. Donna

    Hi from a fellow lupoid (+Rheumatoid Arthritis+Ulcerative Colitis) papercrafting enthusiast. I am jealous of your retreat! Hope it turns out to be everything you want it to be!

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