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It’s that time of week! The end of it! *fistpumps*

While it’s pretty a pretty uneventful week, I’m am certainly glad that it was…coming up into the holiday season has been causing me quite the bit of stress.

Not the “money”, per se…but the marketing of it all. I’m one of those folks who gets stressed out, Sheld0n Cooper style, about gifting and it’s reciprocal exchanges. I stress about inequality, I stress about not having enough to give and I’m sure-as-shit stressed about the logistics of train tickets, family visits, children and my ex’s and trying to maintain traditions and start new ones.

Huhn. Maybe the week was a lil’ more stressful than I’d care to admit.

But I haven’t been the only one….a couple of dear friends have used #gladitude to push through some difficult times of their own. (You can read more about “The #gladitude project” here)


I think #gladitude fits for the views this morning. The peaceful sleep and especially all the help we got from friends!

#gladitude. For all the help we have gotten with this move from people I wasn’t expecting help from. WE never could have done this with just Jen and I. Add to it us getting sick this week and it means even more.

Moving is riDONKulous, bar none. I know. I know moving. I’m a military brat. Moved 8 times by the time I was 14 years old. But having to move while managing health conditions, afflictions and the nature of the oncoming cold and flu season…well…that does suck bollocks.  I’m glad they were able to find some able-bodied individuals to take on the tasks!


#gladitude: My gladitude for today is my dog and Eve. On days like today I could quite easily just give in and stay in my bed all day, but 
the dog and Eve force me to get out of my bed and get on with my life.

 ‎#gladitude: Surprise dinners planned by my daughter to gather my friends around me.

#gladitude: Watching Eve go through three bags of clothes donated by friends and seeing such delight in her face.

#gladitude: Watching Eve go to bed still wearing her “new” bathrobe because it was “too warm and comfy to take off”.

Can I say how much I love the less obvious? That’s the whole point of this project…for me, and by extrapolation, others…is to find those small things that push us through those less-than-stellar days.

It’s the unexpected people who stop by to help out.

It’s the love and light from new-to-you items.

It’s #gladitude.


Please feel free to share those of your own!!


Fuzzy socks.  As winter rapidly approaches, and standing in the cold, damp weather for the school bus every weekday…it friggin’ hurts! I might, in fact, be a “collector” of fuzzy socks (and by “collector”, I mean bat-shit crazy addict).

I’m totally okay with that. 😉

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