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Gimme an “O”!…for organization!

I don’t even want to know what you thought I meant.

*shifty eyes*

It came today. My special thing.

My precioussssssssssssssss.

I ordered it December 24th with some gift money I’d received from my ridiculously generous Dad.

*Disclaimer: I win an award for using actual currency to procure an item that wouldn’t have been purchased under my regular budget AND…I used it for myself. This is important because my parents have resorted to gifting me gift cards…as they know I often DON’T use the fundage for myself and would, instead, rather treat my family, or participants therein.

This. Was. For. “Me.”


It’s my PlumPaperDesigns planner! *happyspazzyjigofjoy* 



1. You personalize it. It has my feckin’ intials AND my name on it.

Don't ask me how long it took me figure out the placement of my initials...
Don’t ask me how long it took me figure out the placement of my initials…

This comes in handy because I have three remaining brain cells and it’s quite likely I may forget who I am. This is profoundly accurate on more than one level.

2. My name is spelled *right*…as in…*correct*. I can’t tell you how much it kind of pisses me off irritates bugs me when people can’t spell my name correctly. I mean, over the phone? Whatever. But when I comment on your post and my name is Right. Feckin’. There. Beside my photo. Please…please take the time to spell it the way I spell it. It’s like I don’t mean enough to ensure “Me.” is addressed.

3. COLOUR!! 😀

No words required when colour is involved.
No words required when colour is involved.

4. There are monthly “overview” pages…and a page for notes, at the beginning of each month. For those times when I’m multi-tasking, like chugging a mocha-choco-vodka-valium-latte-to-go.

Overviews...because time flies. I don't like flies.
Overviews…because time flies. I don’t like flies.

5. Because…and this is feckin’ important on a scale not fully able to be articulated…WEEKLY page views. I’ve tried eleventy-billion planners and agendas, and those with weekly page views make me much more likely to look at them.

WEEKLY. That is all.
WEEKLY. That is all.

Notice the colour highlights in the page? I like that. I don’t just “like” colour…sometimes it really does serve a brain right to keep your eyes and interest on the page! Scientificky’n’shit. \m/

BUT, WAIT! There’s more!

Did you see it? Did you notice???

My. Own. "Me."
My. Own. “Me.”

That’s right, peeps…


This version is the “Family Planner”, wherein normal moms do mom-like things and have a column for each of their kids and maybe even their husband.

Not me.

I got this planner in the goal of achieving a “Guilt-Free Me.”

See, my kids learn by example, and if I’m not setting goals and either making mistakes and learning from them, OR…being successful…it sets them up to do the same not setting of the goals or of being successful. I want to teach them to:




What’s the blank space for?

Have you been following along with the chaos of my reality within the construct of my made-for-tv-movie kind’o’life? 😉

Meal plan. Specifically, dinner. Maybe.

Or, what I think of the virtue I’m studying this year.

Or, how much Bailey’s my coffee required.


It’s also going to help me to do much less of the perusing of other people’s highlight reels on social media forums. Much less of the “Keeping up with the Joneses'”…(which is kind of funny to me ‘cuz one of my ladyfriends is a Jones…)…

…much more of the “Doing.”

What’s the even bestest BEST part?

It came…


…with bubble wrap, yo’! \m/


Check out PlumPaperDesigns on their Etsy store! I highly recommend. A+!

*I was not compensated in any form for this, I only review and emphatically suggest you check out, things that I’ve really found FRABJOUS! *jazzhands*


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