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Geekdom of Skin

I knew him well, Studley. He was my very first. His presence was painful. His memory steeped in fear and concern.

You would have met him back in “Kitties, Doors and Napalm. Not related. Sort of.”

Now we meet his diabolical evil brother and his minion…

Known to the health community as “Skin Cancer”, you will know him as:

Sir Lootzor2

“Sir Lootzor”

He has a minion, however, just to his right.

Well, my right. Your left.

I think.



World, meet “Sir Lootzor and his Evil Minion, Disco-Mirrored Power Vortex.”

I took up my Quest of the Naming by leaving it up to Chance…better known as:

Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre

It’s a game. And, it’s AWESOME. 😀

Skin cancer is not awesome. It is the very polar opposite of awesome until one day physics finds something even impossibly more polar opposite than something else.

Napalm, Part Deux
Napalm, Part Deux


Well met, Sir Lootzor.

Your days are numbered.

Time will be your kryptonite…or, in your case, The Death Fairy’s Mysterious Bedazzlement.

True story. \m/

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