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Geek Wife: Level UP!!

Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday.

He shares the date with my late paternal grandfather.

We had our handfasting wedding on the fifth day of the fifth month of the fifth anniversary of my grandfather’s passing.

Tell me that shit ain’t meant to be! 😉

I really, REALLY wanted to do something special for him…so I started a lil’ early (today) because 1) I wanted to see if I could, in fact, do it, and 2) if I couldn’t, I wouldn’t be gargantuanly (totally a word) pissed off ON his actual birthday. 😉

My geeky friend, Jamie, is the unknowing inspiration for actually doing this, because it was his birthday wayyyyyyyyyyy back in November (almost a full month…which is really surprising, because I thought I was only planning this for a couple of weeks…huh) and I’d posted a photo of this idea to his Facebook timeline with the premise of “Hey, I don’t bake, but if I did I would so totally make you this“….

Then I had a thought the next day: What if I actually, totally, DID do this for my also-geek-boy hubby, who’d requested a particular gift of the same kind.

Challenge: [Accepted]

So (apparently) for almost a month I’ve been on a plethora of sites of awesome ideas in order to craft for my awesome husband not a birthday cake…but…are you ready???


or, in the alternative:


Me and my Go, Go SpazzyAss Hands of Horror??

I mutha’ freakin’ DID IT.


You ready for THIS schizzle?!?!? Read on...
You ready for THIS schizzle?!?!? Read on…


Gift #1, a lil’ early ‘cuz…


…it “matches the theme”…



Got wood for sheep?
Got wood for sheep?



Mini marshmallows with slivers of black licorice as heads…used a small paintbrush with warm water to “glue” them to one end…


Got Wood? I mean...uh...wait, what?
Got Wood? I mean…uh…wait, what?


Preztel “logs”…I really didn’t have a freakin’ clue what to do with them, so I used my hot glue gun.

Don’t eat the wood.

Just sayin’.


Built like a brick sh--house...
Built like a brick sh–house…


That’s right.

Mutha’ freakin’ lil’ candy bricks.

Thank YOU, Bulk Barn!!



Complete with surrounding water...
Complete with surrounding water…


Yup. Even went ahead and did the surrounding water.





HUZZAH!!! Geek wife LEVEL UP! \m/
HUZZAH!!! Geek wife LEVEL UP! \m/



Was it everything I thought it would be??


This exceeded my EVERYthing…because I don’t “do” baking.

And, I really rather don’t “DO” fancy sugar or spearmint leaves-as-trees…let alone a black jelly baby for Robbers…



Because I can………….



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