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Frugal meets icky-sticky…

I thought I only had two bat-shit crazy fears.

I was wrong.



Large masses of sticky, germ-writhing, who-knows-where-it’s-been coinage.

In my brilliance of scouring the entire household for loose change (and by “entire,” I mean that I even found a mini Mars bar that almost made the quest less bat-shit crazy)…I amassed a significant mound of icky-sticky *gag* coins.


Because I’m cheap as shit and don’t want the funding for my herbalism program to make even a drip into the household budget. *shrug*

I guess I really hadn’t ever realized how disgusting coins really were.  I mean, I only dabble in feeling up a few at a time…but on a scale of anything more than $1, I’m done like my mini Mars bar.

Maybe it’s because now I’m ridiculously attune to all things microbial that could, in theory, land me in the hospital due to the Immune System Snafu I currently live through on any given Sunday…Monday, Tuesday, #WTF and Saturday.

Point being…I went over and above the rational to find alternative means to compensate the family budget by however much I could acquire.


*jazz hands*

The “Continuing Education Fund” is now at a stellar $270/$995.

I kinda feel like I’m on my very own episode of “Two Broke Girls”…keeping a running tally of the efforts to reach my goal.  I think I like the idea…I’ll keep posting periodic updates at the bottom of my posts.  It’ll wig the new readers out.  It can be our little secret. *grin*

Surely not nearly as bat-shit crazy as flipping couch cushions and swiping a few icky-stickies from the bottom of the washing machine, right? 😉


  1. Diane

    i’ve bought christmas gifts w the amt of change that we have,it’s crazy!
    as for germy,take them outside and use the hose on them,or have the kiddies do it.
    good luck on your education fund.Love the “2 broke girls”inspiration.I know that you can do this,you seem like a strong and determined woman,from what i read in your posts!*doing the go chronic badass dance*

    • Brynn

      Thank you for the suggestion!! Kids will do anything with shiny things, no? 😉 It’s not going to be easy, for sure, but I want it so bad…thus…if I study it, it will come… xo

  2. Kate

    Jeez you should have told me! I LOVE rolling change, I would have happily done it for you. A month ago I rolled almost $300 of change.

    • Brynn

      I’m not sure which I envy more…the “liking” of the rolling of the icky-sticky…or the $300!!! LOL 😉 *mental note to self to check your cushions*

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