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Friday #gladitude: Mayday

You did it!

You’ve crossed the #HAWMC finish line. Recap the past month for us. What did you enjoy, what didn’t you enjoy? Favorite prompt?

Feckin’ right, I did it.


And, on a day where liquid poison was coursing through my veins, May 1st was also not the greatest day to start off a whole new month. So, in my valiant attempt to own my proverbial shit and get off the piss pot for a moment as I rage against the Cosmos (the asshat one)…I figured a good dose of #gladitude might, in fact, be in order.

*shifty eyes*

So. This week. Not the best. Less than stellar. Asshat. Cry-like-my-soul-is-broken.

That kind.

My one twin was diagnosed with a condition that, left untreated (and it sure as shit will not be)…will erode the bone in his upper middle ear and continue into his brain.

Bittersweet was the adoption of one of my foster feline boys that I *swear* if this person fell through would have been a foster fail. He left tonight.

A morning spent watching liquid pharmaceutical poison drip into my veins in the process of killing off B cells in what I lovingly like to refer to as a “total systemic reboot.”

Just as geeky but less sexy than nerdy.


What little things did I notice this week that I made myself take the time to notice?

Well, for starters, my twin boys have been doing this “Skipping Wars” thing on the way to the bus stop in the mornings. Joyous skipping together in brotherly love while trying to bash each other in the head.

Stay tuned…this reality show will make me millions. *fingers crossed*

And, tree budlings. Little green hopes of spring’s arrival atop the branches. Also, my hostas’ shoots are poking up through the earth. I cannot kill these plants, and I love them for it. \m/

What else? Toasted pecan coffee. Amazing how comforting the concept of “flavour” is…never ceases to amaze me. And, awaken me.

Dreams. Messages wrapped in enigmas. They make me ponder.

Soft sheets. It’s truly amazing the things I used to take for granted. Sheet fabric/thread count was certainly one of them. However, when even your skin feels like it’s on fire…soft sheets can be the difference between the ability to sleep or not. Who knew.

Yes, I did, indeed, finish another WEGO Health: Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge. I like to be able to set goals for myself and achieve them…then let others know I achieved them because if *I* can do things…I guaran-damn-tee you that you can, too. Also, it makes me accountable to not just my word, but to make sure I get up in the morning. #truth

I loved the prompts for this month and I grabbed them by the proverbial balls.

The first week I wrote about heavy topics because if no one writes about heavy topics then other people won’t know that they’re most assuredly not alone.

Chronic disease is a lonely thing.

Often, I feel like the most popular lonely person on the planet.

Usually I’m not a fan of “Writer’s Choice” prompts…because I often love prompt challenges for the very purpose of NOT having to think of something to write about. This month, I put the query out to my peeps and was stunned at how much I’d actually wanted to write, but totally had to reign it in. Awesome. 😀

Yup. Another challenge in the bag. It’s been a hard end to a busy month…and it’s been a harder start to yet another new one.

But, as always, I will continue to “Do.” because the very act of doing gives me the purpose and the want to keep on keepin’ on.

Little bit’o’the self-care will be required this weekend, m’thinks. <3

When a friend thinks of you while looking at a rainbow...the soul soars.
When a friend thinks of you while looking at a rainbow…the soul soars.







(image by J. Desrosiers)

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