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Friday #gladitude!!!

With Website200pixelsOf this I am certain: When I planned and carefully thought out the idea for “The #gladitude project,” I may have neglected to have ascertained what the Cosmos might have thought. And by “might have thought,” I mean, “taken as a mutha freakin’ challenge.”

Emotional brain-drain spending two days at the local children’s hospital.

Emotional HUZZAH! to find out that my eldest, by his own regard, had not only applied for, but was approved on the spot, for a placement in a residential treatment program for youth abusing drugs.

Emotional HUZZAH!!! to find out that, possibly, my second boy might have the desire to return from living with his father for two years (due to extreme behavioural issues) with a seriousness for school and a passion for IT. We’ll be discussing upon his visit here with us this coming March Break holiday. 🙂

Emotional NAPALM from pondering who in the fresh blue hell believes that my husband’s screwed up eye surgery is *not* a priority?!? Letters are being sent. Phone calls are being made. Dear Dr. Sweet-tits, you do NOT, not ever, piss off a law clerk. True story.


#gladitude contraband table syrup on my pancakes and then eating the pancakes of my room mate in hospital because once they had real syrup on them they were good. Will have to pilfer a few more packets of real syrup from the fridge for the french toast in a couple of days.

#gladitude is managing to persuade the nurse to change my dressing and use a different sort of tape. I was beginning to fear I had gone through all this just to lose my leg because I chewed it off in frustration. Tape allergy is awful.

OMG!! got peckish and breakfast wont’ be here for another hour so decided to eat the lemon carnberry slice Kadri bought me yesterday. OMG!OMG!OMG! #gladitude

Because only my friends speak in terms of contraband table syrup. And you wonder why I’m bat-shit crazy? Takes one to know one 😉  I’d like to send out a grand HUZZAH!! to anyone who might be kind enough to send your healing thoughts and energies to Christine. The incision is being an asshat with infection, and the kind that it is, could necessitate the requirement for multiple surgeries to clean. She cannot have her second hip replacement surgery without clearing up this infection!

Tracy Rune set.Mar2013Tracy Rune pendant.Mar2013Tracy:

Hell of a migraine! Should have seen the signs… transient headaches all last night, today nausea, and focal pain behind the eye. Last one this bad was a year ago. Nap didn’t help so now onto meds. Gladitude despite the flare in my legs/arms, and headache from hell… Pendant, and Rune set are done.

Migraine pain. I get ocular migraines. Y’know…the ones that those fabulous meds that help stave off migraines don’t help? Ya. That kind. But mine are few between again, thankfully. Managing a flare, a migraine and craftiness of stellar proportions is inspiring. The set and the pendant are beyond beautiful!!


#Gladitude after having a stressful time find a job, I lucked into possible doing the best job of my dreams. Becoming a Fantasia REP! so excited!

Wishing you a truly heartfelt congratulations!!! I know how much this meant to you, and how frustrating it was to have to wait for so many bureaucratic events to occur before you could finally say that!! (Again, dudes…my friend is a Fantasia rep….*grin*)

Me? In the week of the chaos of the reality of my made-for-tv-movie kind’o’life?

I have a car. It allowed me to get my son to where he needed to be in a time of medical need (they thought it was his appendix…thankfully, it was not).

I had to do groceries on a tight budget today, as my son’s train ticket up here cost me my left arm. Said groceries came within $0.48 of budget. I freakin’ rock, no matter what it looks like with a calculator in hand and a smile on my face. 😉

Watching Thing 2 bob his little butt to the theme song of the Avengers. Wicked cute.

Shoes. My half-price discounted shoes arrived today. Let me be clear: I am not a “shoe-girl.” I shudder at anything past the splendor of runners or fleece-lined Crocs (ya, I just went there). I also know that I’ve pissed away money buying $30 WallyWorld cheapites that continually make my lower lumbar hurt SO badly, I’ve been considering caving and asking my physician for that epidural block. Until these beauties came into my life. Alegrias.

Holy. Crap. On. A. Cracker.

I did purchase a pair in-store at a local mall, which was more than I’ve ever spent on a pair of ANYthing. And let me tell you that when I say it was worth every friggin’ penny, I wholly and truly mean it. Knowing now my size…I looked online to find sales and clearances, matched free shipping with which online stores…cost analysed (because, seriously, would I really be “me” if I didn’t?!?! *lol*)…and came to find my gaze landing upon:







Oh, yes.

The instant relief upon my previously busted vertebral discs is immeasurable.

Kind of kicking my own ass with the new shoes I should have bought over a year ago.


True story.

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