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Friday #gladitude!!!

This must be some sort of cosmic karma I’ve seemingly wracked up this week…because it is a “snow day.”


A household consisting of; 1 nine year old, 1 seven year old, and 3 six-year olds.

And me.

And my dog.

And two cats.

♫♫……and a shot of Bailey’s in my coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……♫♫


So, coming up with the #gladitude post today really took some thinking… 😉

But first………


Ok what have I done today, job hunted, then remade a wig to be a pinup pony tail, boobs #4, now I need to find a cheap pink wig to finish the tracks. So far a productive day. – Oh and I mailed in my application for Fantasia. BOOYAH! #gladitude

Oh, the creative artistry Jason has. If you haven’t had the chance, and although he’s on a short hiatus…please do check out his amazing blogsphere of PinUps for Cancer!! And, c’mon…a Fantasia rep!?!? *SQUEEEEEE*!! (They sell this frabjous “snow” powder that I swear keeps you drier than the Sahara…I love this stuff, especially in the summer, when chafing and all that jazz happens. It also tastes like raspberry. I’ve heard. From a friend. Of a friend.)


Seeing & appreciating the silver lining of good luck within bad luck (situations)… priceless *** gladitude***

This, right here…is the epitome of what The #gladitude Project is all about. Finding that small “something” you otherwise wouldn’t have noticed on a less-than-stellar day. Right there. THIS.



It is 189 days from the start date to the end date, end date included.

Or 6 months, 5 days including the end date.

Alternate time units:

189 days can be converted to one of these units:

  • 16,329,600 seconds
  • 272,160 minutes
  • 4536 hours
  • 27 weeks

189 days since I last had to use my cane.

Pretty fookin’ spectacular, I’d say. 😀

Oh, yes!

And in the throes of total grouchiness that I can’t get to the submitting my answers for the last three chapters I’ve studied, y’know….cuz it’s a mutha freakin’ snow day…I instead made reversible over-the-collar dog bandanas.









I’ve still yet to formally complete the one that actually started this endeavour…it’s a nice bright-orange one for walks…I’ve iron-on letters to spell “Blind”…just to appease the worry-momma here…

On a totally unrelated #gladitude…I received a message from my oldest son today.

I’ve not heard from him since the holidays. Word has it that he *might* just be leaning on going to a rehabilitation/recovery residential program.

My #gladitude is that the past couple of months haven’t taken his life.

Keep on keepin’ on, dear friends.

Take the time to find that small #gladitude that can get you through…

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