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Friday #gladitude!!!

With Website200pixelsHave you had the chance to find your #gladitude?

You can check out the concept behind “The #gladitude project” here.



“My #gladitude is getting a fitness class membership so I can allow myself to make these: 

(and other yummies) which will then encourage me to use my fitness class membership. The circle of life!”

Totally. Get. This. I’m still stuck in a psychological “rut” preventing me from going back to my yoga classes since the infarction, but what sealed my ridiculous psychological baggie of fearfulness was hearing about two men, two days, two heart attacks…both while at the gym. True story. (both are alive and doing well, though…good to know)


Child is off to school. #gladitude

After the chaos and heart-pain (literally AND emotionally) of the holidays…I can relate. Easily. I think I started counting the “back to school” the first day they were off.


I am on a working laptop!! Yipppeee… keeping it next to a slightly cracked open window seems to stop the over heating. Well this at least gives me something ‘til I can save up and get a new one. #gladitude

I truly feel lost without my connection to all things inter-webs. I shouldn’t. But I do. I feel comfortable knowing what’s going on around me, especially on the days that are a little less-than-stellar and being able to search and surf for fun shit makes me happy. Happy is good.

Turlough Myers ‏ (@hepcatturlough)

#Leafs win! Did some #lindyhop in preparation for Swingadance in Quebec City. I am a happy guy today! #gladitude

Hmmm. Leafs fan, eh? Do you like apples? Did you catch the game last night? How do you like THEM apples… 😉 (friendly Ottawa Senators fan jeering, of course) 

Brendan Myers


One good thing to be said about Canadian winter: snow cover on the forest hills, under a clear blue sky, is very beautiful. #gladitude

It IS beautiful. And, no matter the minus eleventy-billion degrees outside this week…it doesn’t take anything away from the sparkle of bajillion snowflakes glinting on a brilliantly sunny day. Canada’s bright…gotta wear shades. 😉


Most times, I consider having a gas fireplace to be a luxury. Today, however, it is the only thing keeping the apartment at a decent temperature, as the furnace can’t keep up with the cold. I love my fire! #gladitude

My newsfeed has been plagued by a plethora of people having lost power, having a dead car battery or having a helluva time trying to manipulate daily function with the severe cold, arctic windchills. Ottawa was listed as *the* coldest capital in the WORLD on Wednesday. Colder than Siberia. Colder than cities in our own Nunavut. It is so cold, I swear my synovial fluid froze up like hockey pucks. 


It’s been hard. Harder than most weeks, really. Words would likely fail to articulate it properly.

1. T-Max thermal socks. I got three pairs for Yule. They are….awesome. Frabjous, even. Especially when it’s been minus eleventy-billion degrees outside this week. The. Whole. Week.









2. A visit from my Geeky Godmother. With cookies. And lil’ chocolates. Of delicious awesomeness. Simply for doing something that’s a natural thing in order to support the people and ideas I believe in…I believe in you, Geeky Godmother!!









I also have a #gladitude in the waiting…a very thoughtful friend thought it might be a grand idea to share a latte with me in the form of a gift number for my newly installed Starbucks app…because it made them happy to do so.

Spreadin’ the happy.

I’m banking the happy for any point that is less-than-stellar next week.

Happiness in the bank in the form of a cinnamon dolche venti latte.


What’s yours?

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