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Friday #gladitude!!!!

Little sparse this week, but either people were caught up in the hustle and/or bustle, or they got hit upside the head by the awful flu running itself rampant all across Ottawa at the moment.

Eww. Not a helluva lot to be able to have a lil’ gladitude when you’re hugging the side of a bowl.

I digress.


Flushable diaper liners. #gladitude.

DUDE. If you’re a mum having done the eleventy-billion diaper changes…you just *know*. There’s not must else to be said. Hmmmm. How could one put this into terms that the gentlemen or non-diaper-required folk of the community might understand…OH!!! I know. 😀

Garbage bags inside your garbage can. That.


More than 24hrs after I made the huge chicken / garlic / lentils / onion / everything soup, and my apartment still smells lovely. #gladitude

I’ll care to wager there’s some nostalgia in there, too. I’m also feelin’ a lil’ bit’o’gladitude because it just gave me a dinner on my meal plan. The blustery winter winds have been here this week, and the ups and downs of the thermometer are contributing to a hella-bad swelling and pain in my musculature and joints. And, given the plethora of folk seemingly afflicted with said flu at the beginning of this post…I would also care to wager that I’m going to drop a whole head of garlic (I really did have to specify “head of garlic”…because I know my friends…they’d believe “head” might actually be literal) into it in order to save my cells from the horror.


Couple of things.

My husband, in all his brain-drain, left about half of my gifts at the office during the week of his training course. The week leading up to Yule/Christmas. Thus, I got to ring in the New Year with some added gifting. *raises pompoms*

Check. This. Out.

Book of Awesome

Oh, yes.

Oh, MUCH yes.

Silver edged, leather-bound Star Wars trilogy in all it’s wordness.


And it’s got Darth on the cover.


Second would have to be having FINALLY gotten to get a bit’o’scrapbooking done for my Design Team products (BoBunny’s Powdered Mountain paper collection)…I’ll be posting those separately under my “Healing Through Art” page.

THIS…after the two weeks of chaotic holiday madness with dinners and gift exchanges and a full house of younglings and daycare children….(there may or may not have been Bailey’s in my coffee…just sayin’…)

Scrappin' Bliss

….is just simply beautiful, organized chaos.

Craft porn.

All over my dining room table.

See, I snuck it in whilst the younglings were drawing living-room length strips of craft paper scenes and acting out a very intense Star Wars saga…(likely prompted by seeing my #gladitude number one).

You see, #gladitude doesn’t have to be a lot. In fact, it’s likely not a lot at all. It’s those small things/events/opportunities you might have otherwise missed had you not enabled yourself to find something to get yourself out of the glum, however temporary it may be.

If you have a #gladitude to share…send it to me! I post every Friday in the hopes that sharing the little things will help enable others to find the little things of their own.


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