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Friday #gladitude!!!


With WebsiteWhat.



My children were replaced by pod-people.

True story.


Anyhoooooooooo…not as “busy” of a week, yet still maddening with small errands, getting my daughter ready for her end-of-year Guiding trip to African Lion Safari…while wrapped in a level of “Ouch” I’m seriously considering is actually making me crazy.

Like, uber-moreso than usual. And, yes…I’ve taken my pills.

My self-ponderance (totally a word…) was a little excessive as of late, especially this morning, when, yet again…not paid. Feeling like a sub-standard member of the working class…yet…I suppose there are some that observe “babysitting” as…I don’t know.

I don’t care, at this point. I was a successful law clerk in an awesome firm when the Cosmos handed my Gemini-zodiac ass twin boys as babies #4 and #5. I knew things and did things that made me proud of “Me.” Do I think childcare is less than that? Logically, no.

In my heart, yes.

I fully admit it. Perhaps it’s because this was not my career choice, but one born of necessity. It makes me available for sick kids without the stress of employers and colleagues put out by my absence.

Do I believe my “career” is sub-standard?

I make less than minimum wage and still have to pay taxes at the end of the year.

I cannot commit to a full-time, all ages daycare anymore.

Who works for that? Would you?

Maybe that’s why I justify myself to my husband All. The. Time.

Everything my day consists of, because Oprah couldn’t make this shit up.

M’thinks, peeps, that I believe that *I* am sub-standard.

I don’t feel worthy of a lot of things, because I feel that I can’t produce work the caliber of days past. Perhaps that’s why I do SO much, so often. It’s not for “You.”…it’s for “Me.”…to give myself the validation that I can.

Anyway…#gladitude for this week? Wrapped in “Ouch” and dripping with “Sad.”??


I shit you not.

Say it. Out loud.



Isn’t it FUN??!!??

My husband and I were going through some of our games and we have several with character pieces called “meeples.”

Best. Word. EVER.

meeples1Better part?


Little. Wooden. Animals.

*jazz hands*

Oh, yes, my friends…this is what has gotten me through a rather emotional week.

Wooden, coloured game pieces.

Betterest part?

We'll look past the horned-helm's okay...
We’ll look past the horned-helm issue…it’s okay…



Meepkings? Vikineeples?


Cosmos photos. Universe images. Astronomy links.

And, meeples.

Sometimes, it’s really that simple.



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