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Friday #gladitude!!!

With WebsiteWhy on this beautiful blue and green orb hurtling through time and space…would I choose to do a “it’s been a feckin’ while” post…let alone a #gladitude post…NOW???

Is 13 your lucky number? Ain’t mine. Or, maybe it is, depending on your perspective.

13 days straight of ass-busting “Busy.” I’m not even running on fumes anymore. I think I’ve had to re-type almost every word I’ve typed so far, with fingers that can’t do up my jeans or brush my teeth.

And, it continues.

I’ve a lot to catch up on, so I’ll post as a I can, because…guys…COMICCON!!! 😀 My first EVER…and the surprises were astounding! Namely, my own perseverance to kick my mo-fo anxiety to the proverbial curb. Stay tuned.

So, there was Comiccon, as a volunteer for Zman Games. Helped run a Pandemic Survival tournament in there.

Then there was the planning and errands that accompanied running my first ever Well & Tree Gathering…based on five years of tradition, now it’s own event.

Then there was the expectation of my second Rituxan infusion.

Then there was the anticipation of having three glorious days of “Me.” to regroup and refresh before a Kubb Canada appearance tomorrow at the Ottawa Brewery Market and after yet another ENT appointment for one of my twin boys with cholesteatoma.

Then the Cosmos hit.


My second son experienced a significant mental health crisis, causing the school to enact a procedure meant to protect both the youth and themselves: I had to pick him up from school, and he wasn’t going to be allowed back until we were seen by a health professional who could give him clearance that he is not a danger to himself.

Ho. Lee. Shit.

[enter daughter barfing her guts out, stage left]

Onward and upward and three appointments, six phone calls (I’m *still* typing almost every word incorrectly…) and he can, indeed, return to school today.

[enter daughter barfing her guts out, stage right]

My eldest son stayed home yesterday to help me manage the post-camping laundry, vacuuming, mopping, etc, etc…..

Guys, if I didn’t have to breathe to live…I wouldn’t. Even that takes an effort I’ve got nothing left of. (I totally ended a sentence with “of”…whatev…)


Oh, it’s there. It’s most especially there for a time like this, when contemplating a deserted island looks oh-so-very frabjous. But, the chocolate would melt.


1. At the Gathering, the pollen was blowing like snow. It made the space in our enclave look like it was a page torn from a fantasy novel. It was beautiful.

2. Bug. Not a “bigger than a bear, so shit your pants” kind’o’bug…but an itty bitty black bug with GOLD legs and markings. GOLD. It was SO cool. 🙂

3. River. Watching the natural currents of the river where we camp. It ebbs and flows and is like the blood of the earth. It’s grounding and dynamic and brings peace to my soul to watch it.

4. Smiles. I don’t know what it is about receiving a smile, but sometimes? It’s that little thing that makes you feel like you’re not alone. I am, most assuredly, not alone…no matter the soul-space.

5. Colour. I don’t know how it happened…but people have taken it upon themselves, on their OWN time, to send me colourful photos, experiments, images of objects…of really colourful things. They *know*…and I am ever grateful. When your soul-space is a little more cloudy than it should be…the colour helps you see the strength that you have in your life.

It is what it is.

This, too, shall pass.

I’ll get through it, like always.


Find it. \m/





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