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Friday #gladitude!!!


April was busy.

And…the Cosmos was an asshat.

And…I still feel “lost”.

The Black Dog is like…it’s like it begat with the Dark side of the Force…and there are no cookies.

In a nusthell, if I didn’t have to, I don’t want to…and I wouldn’t.

Alas…every day I get my  I’ve-earned-this-ass out of bed and continue.

Because, I can.

So…let’s recap some of the #gladitude I discovered over the past…long time. *shifty eyes*

“Colour!!” Dudes. I can throw out a call for colourful images to assist in my “Happy.”…and the world provides. It’s like my own damn Bat-signal. But…not black. With colour. 😉

Wearable colour, yo!!
Wearable colour, yo!!


My husband got me this shirt from one of those promotional sites where artists can put up their designs, yadda yadda…there are so many of them.

Today I am wearing that shirt.


Leggo my eggo, bitch...
Leggo my eggo, bitch…


“Llamas.” Finding a core of “awesome” so that my soul feels like it’s being heard. And validated. And heard. I might have already said “heard.”

Once a week.

Cheaper than therapy. Which I still clearly require.

*shifty eyes*….*again*….

Nav Center: A weekend getaway with scrapbooking friends in Cornwall, Ontario.

No kids. No husband. No cooking. No cleaning.

Just…by myself, FOR myself.

I’d left last Friday afternoon after pulling an all-nighter (aka, 23 hours up) because Thing 1 was rushed to the children’s hospital via ambulance (read: lights and sirens and transitway-instead-of-highway) that previous night.

The view from my room at Nav Centre.
The view from my room at Nav Centre.
My room. Alone. Moi. Solo. BLISS.
My room. Alone. Moi. Solo. BLISS.


I went anyway. Son was stable and well-cared for. I slept a couple of hours and took off.



Enough, Cosmos (the asshat one). Please. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I could bench press a train.

Here’s a few layouts I managed to create:

102_0549 102_0550 102_0552 102_0553 102_0555 102_0556 102_0557 102_0558 102_0559 102_0562


















Healing Through Art…Nav Centre style.



I swear to gawds if they don’t have Pinterest in whatever afterlife there might be…I’m out.

Escapism Level: EPIC

I shit you not, I could spend WEEKS straight on that forum. So many things of awesome…in one place…all at the same time…*wipes tear*…’tis a beautiful thing.

Cosmos (the good one).


Keep Going quotes.

…and “Colour!!” the likes of which is unlimited.


I’m finding it easier and easier to wrap myself up in the appreciation I never previously had for “Me”…and I’m comfortable with that.

Perhaps my journey needs to teach me to step back…to watch…but to focus within myself for a well-deserved time of “Me.”

Llamas and “Colour!!” and Pinterest along the way?

Namaste, bitches. \m/





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