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Friday #gladitude

The #gladitude project

Every Friday, I like to post some of the wonderful #gladitudes that people have used to make their day just that little bit better.  This week’s contributions (and from some new peeps, too! WHOOT!!) seem to border on the very, very meaningful…it was a week of noticing the things that not only make us glad, but also very, very thankful (and for my U.S. peeps…I understand this means so much more at this holiday time of the month…).

Now that I’m getting more frequent contributions (YAY!!) I’m not posting them under the specific day…I think I would literally lose my mind and my head would pop off if I had to remember all of it.  Which would be messy.  Which I would then have to clean up.  That’s just not cool.

Nadine: I’m a day late! I am so very grateful for public libraries. Internet access, DVDs, books of all kinds, graphic novels– all of the best things in the world in one place. I used to be able to borrow a Polaroid camera from my library! #gladitude

No, she wasn’t late…I accumulate any events of #gladitude all week.  Which is a pretty good thing, cuz I think I love her so much I would’ve made a post just for her. 😉

ME: #gladitude: Groceries. I can afford to feed my family good, nutritious food. That being said, the “Baked By You” brownie trays are on sale. I may or may not have one.

Dude, I have four children living in the house and a husband and myself.  I only JUST started bringing flyers to Walmart to price match.  Why?  Because I have a crushing anxiety disorder and the chaos of having to correlate product and flyer listing makes my bowels cringe with fear.  If you have GAD, you know what I mean.

Jacqueline: Started Yule Shopping today. For one reason… the sale price. Making it possible for me to even think about it. D is going to be very happy! #gladitude 

The holidays can be SO stressful.  I do know this…especially this year, where I have all five children all to myself!! Work out that math…

Christine: #gladitude….Little orange kitty cats who want nothing but to love you.

Christine just adopted an 18 year old cat for the rest of it’s days after it was left in a cold, dark, empty house after it’s person passed away.  Can anyone truly match a heart that size?!?

Jacqueline: #gladitude A patient good as gold daughter who just wants to cuddle while mommies new medication kicks my behind. Completely blessed.

How many of us know exactly what she’s saying?  Down to the shudder we involuntarily feel as we reminisce the days of our own spent struggling to manage on new meds, new doses or new combinations….and our emotional feelings for how it impacts our children.

Christine: Double whammy #gladitude. From Thursday night…..a sleeping child and a grown son who makes a wonderful Cinderella.

Friday #gladitude friends and community who rally and come up with just what you need just when you need it.

Christine’s granddaughter, whom she is the primary caregiver to,  just broke her leg…cast from toe to thigh…four to six weeks.  She is going to need to pull in resources from her community (sending the finger waggle for her to do so) and still make sure she does self-care.  No, love, it is NOT optional, nor negotiable. 

Marie: Today marks the last day of use for the awesome winter coat you gave to us for the winter of 2010, right after I mentioned I had to go out and buy a winter coat for my son. You had planned on acquiring new jackets that year for your kids, and wouldn’t be needing this one. Now, for 2 and 1/4 winters, this coat kept my son warm and cozy; this final season, he’s worn the coat to school for almost a month and finally killed the zipper. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the use of it. Thank you for providing such a fabulous gift.

NO.  WAY.  I gifted that coat to the Bug over two years ago, and now he’s finally outgrown it *sniff*.  I am a TOTAL fan of the pass-me-down, believe me!!  But when you can find a pass-me-down that lasts beyond the growth of your child, that you haven’t had to think about the cost or the worry of finding something when the first snow falls unexpectedly…well…that IS #gladitude.

Thank you all so much for sharing these small, medium and large moments of #gladitude…those special “somethings” that just make it oh-so-very much easier to accept the chaos that can be the realities of our lives.

Me?  Well, today was a P.D. Day for all the kids…my own and the daycare kids.  I had the pleasure of watching my previous daycare girl as well, as both the school boards had their days on the SAME day this month.

It also meant having the pleasure of:

2 – 5 year old twin boys

2 – 6 year old girls

1 – 7 year old girl

1 – 9 year old girl





So, I stole a moment between a rockin’ game of (supervising) Twister and puppet making to lift my feet…for which my Sookie came to comfort my aching limbs:



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  1. Marie

    I sent thanks to you every time he wore that coat. I only just noticed this past week that the sleeves are 2 inches too short. *grin*

    *btw I’m keeping the fleece liner for just a tiny bit longer* :o)

    Love ya!

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