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Friday #gladitude!!!

With Website200pixelsCould be all about the colour, if you’ve been following my Facebook feed. *grin*

What are the little things that I’m glad I took a moment or two to notice during an otherwise unbelievable flare (complete with eyes that feel like sandpaper, thanks to Sjögren’s …and my skin falling off my hands…*schmexy*) that made me feel oh-so-very much that lil’ bit better???

What was my #gladitude these past couple of weeks?

I’ll tell you.

It’s my cars’ zombie family stickers on my back window.

Glancing up in my rear-view to watch people’s reactions is priceless. You can literally watch the thought process in order:

car1) How many fookin’ people ARE there?!?

2) “Crazy Town”…oh, that’s clever.

3) Wait….are those ZOMBIES?!?!


4) How many fookin’ people ARE THERE?!?!

Dinner and a show. Right there.

What else?

Gift cards. I got books…herbalism books…a Jasper Fforde book (my uber-fave author!)…spinning books (but not the exercise…that’s way more than I ever care to work out…true story)…BOOKS!!!

I also had gotten a gift card for Homesense/Winners…I went out last night draggin’ my sorry carcass so that I could escape into the world of adults. I got a plethora of sports bras and tank tops because it’s been eleventy-billion degrees out with the humidity this week: Today will hit an estimated 45C/113F.

Hey, Mother Nature!!!

*middle finger salute*

Whatever helps the memory!!
Whatever helps the memory!!

I also got this dandy of a tea mug!! Why? First, ‘cuz it’s got COLOUR!!

Second, because it has a good handful of herbs on it that will help me to remember at least a good handful of herbs out of a bajillion that I have to remember for the herbalism exam. (o.O) I’m freakin’ the fook out. Just sayin’.

It’s even got a couple herbs on the friggin’ handle.


Cool beans. 🙂

“Blue, sparkly.’

I looked high…I looked low.

Even my son (Thing 1) has a #gladitude...I found the colour he was wishing for...
Even my son (Thing 1) has a #gladitude…I found the colour he was wishing for…

I found one bottle left of blue, sparkly nail polish.

It’s for my son. He loves colour (can’t imagine where he got that from…).

And y’know what? He doesn’t give a good gawddamn about what anyone says about it. He thinks it’s cool. He likes colour.

You GO, my young Padawan…



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