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Fly me to the moon…

Day 29 of #HAWMC: Six Sentence Story…

In this day of micro-blogging – brevity is a skill worth honing. Can you tell a story and make it short and sweet? What can you say in six sentences. Check out some here:”

When the chaos of her reality pushes the impending shadows closer to the windows of her spirit, she recognizes the inner desire for a release…for a re-fresh…a way to re-group the meaning and essence of…”Her.”  For example, instead of continuing with planning the wedding that had occupied the very fibre of her being for the past year and a half. she chose to throw it all to the wind for one evening of awesomeness with her partner and friends perusing the beautifully chaotic order of the universe.

Okay, perhaps not the entire universe, but what she did see left her mouth agape and her mind off into the distant tendrils of space.  To think that with specialized lenses and strategically placed mirrors, she could look up not only the texture of the surface of the Moon…but upon the rings of a planet over a billion kilometers away.

This is the kind of escapism and fantasy that plays out every now again in a mind so burdened by the made-for-tv-movie version of her life.

This is the kind of escapism and fantasy that tells her just how damn lucky she really is to be alive.

*image was taken by my husband, Shane Hultquist, with his camera & tripod during last evening’s outing 🙂

This post was written in participation of WEGO Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge, April 2012.

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