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Enter Cosmos, stage left

#HAWMC Day 16: Life Goal

What’s one thing that your 10-year-old self thought you would do? Can you still do it? How would you approach it to make it happen?

Pre-ten years old, I’d wanted to be a nurse.

Then, I discovered the ooey-gooey details about being a nurse and figured that my efforts to help people might be best served…elsewhere.

Then, I thought I’d wanted to be a teacher. Thankfully, I didn’t chose this profession as doing homework with my children is a lesson of my own in wanting-to-stab-my-eyes-out-with-a-spork.

THEN, I wanted to be an astronomer.

Then, I took physics in high school and realized I sucked ass at understanding the basic theoretical concepts of physics and got pretty rage-y about some of them because they were just stupid.

*shifty eyes*

Fast forward eleventy-billion years to today.

Omgomgomgomgomgomgomg I wanna be an astronomer!!

Could I still do it?

As a career, likely not. Hell, I don’t even get paid for the creative-y stuff I do (because I don’t seek out those opportunities)…and the stuff that I do pays me peanuts.

Am I afraid of the “time” commitment and not knowing what my health-future holds?

Don’t give a shit about that. Hell, if I ever thought about that, I wouldn’t be doing a damn thing at all, would I.

We are all made of star stuff, yo! \m/
We are all made of star stuff, yo! \m/

I *did* find small opportunities to learn. There are many free, online courses about space and celestial bodies and everything Cosmos.

I also found that my local college has an online course in astronomy! 😀 It costs a lot, though, by a family of seven’s standards.

But, I’ll make it happen! I don’t care if I’m eating Kraft Dinner for the month, I swear…#notreally.

I’d also like to become a member of my city’s Royal Astronomical Society. It’s pretty pricey, too…but maybe I can ask for it for a Yule gift or something. Hell, I could ask for it for my birthday! It’s six months sooner! *ponders*

In the meantime, I continue to make my galaxy bottles, peruse the beautiful Hubble images in my books and read up on the quests of Stephen Hawking.

If I ever had one of “those dreams” to meet someone or have something autographed or a note (by the gods I would have a joygasm!) it would be by this man! I would…I would…well, I would probably cry like a little kid and babble nonsensical stupidity. Who am I kidding. 😉

The Cosmos is where I came from.

The Cosmos is to where I will return.

That’s a kind of peace that resonates to the very fibers of my soul.

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