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Ekphrasis is NOT another diagnosis!!

Okay, so I have to admit…I write.  I write a lot.  I write and that’s what I call it.

Throw something like “ekphrasis” at me and I’m duckin’ and runnin’ like the zombie apocalypse has started.


So I sez, pardon??

Ekphrasis or ecphrasis is the graphic, often dramatic, description of a visual work of art.”

Uh huh.  That’s kinda like it should by followed by “Syndrome” or “Disease” or “You’ve got what?” *shifty eyes*

So, once I Googled it and checked three different, verified sites that it is, in fact, the above definition…I happily skipped my fingers over to Google Images (Tattoo.  Soon.  Ish.) and found the following image that…you guessed it…I get to “free write” about:

I saw this image and my brain froze.   I can’t explain it, fully, but I’ll sure as hell try!!

I see myself in this woman.  Suspended.  A moment in time.  A snapshot of all things halted.  Stagnant.  Blissfully muted within the confines of the water’s caress.  I can’t hear anything.  I like that.  I feel no pressure on my enemy-combatant body…it is merely an extension of my thoughts.  Weightless.  I can choose to move only if my desire compels me…

I feel the isolation…I could yell, and no one would hear me.  I feel the weight of my world bearing down upon my being…cold, at times…frigid, at others.  Even if I wanted to compel myself to move forward…could I?  Really?  To do so would be to achieve an existence in slow motion.  No breath.  A frightening paradox.

But I can feel something enlighten itself upon my head.   A warmth.  The suns rays streaming in fractal bling around my crown…a chakra opened?  Light alludes to possibilities…potential…HOPE.

She smiles.  It’s not quite all that bad down here.  I see a friend.  We reach an existential understanding of mutual wisdom.  Each within a domain we both feel at nature with…she in her element of Mother’s waters…I in my element of chaotic stagnation.  Perhaps she wants to walk on the land.  Perhaps I want to delve into the ocean.


Take my hand.

Forever alone together.


When I first found this image, it lead me to a website called “”  This particular image was found under the “Artistic Girls Artistic Paintings”:

LOVE LOVE *heart* LOVE LOVE the images!! They’re fun, quirky and oh-so-very…FRABJOUS!! :o)

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days

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