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Day 5: #HAWMC – Ekphrasis Post.

Go to and write a post inspired by the image. Can you link it to your health focus? Don’t forget to post the image!

Once again, Google saves the day/post!!

Ekphrasis: Ekphrasis, or ecphrasis, is the graphic, often dramatic, description of a visual work of art.

Of course, because I have the head cold from hell, every joint in my body is red and swollen (which is new, so I’ve got a Google window open trying to find out if I’m going to spontaneously combust) and my muscles feel like they’ve been wrapped in a sunburn.

*puts on snafu’d thinking cap*

Okay.  I went to Flickr.  I clicked on “Explore.”  And up popped this seemingly mundane image.  I was going to click again, hoping to find something more…badass…but thought that I should make a valiant effort to go outside my comfort zone.  Here goes:

Entitled “Frankfurt”, I find it ironic that up would pop an image from a country that I’ve had the pleasure of spending a few of my evenings in…from the comfort of my Ancestry account.  There are a few of my lines that originate (so to speak) in Germany, and I’ve never really known much about the land itself.

I see recognizable “modernness” of the city’s hustle and bustle… electric… buzzing… movement… On a day that, by the sky, looks like its winding down…the city itself looks like it’s still pumping out data and emails and faxes and the drones of finance…

Yet…upon closer examination of the original size photo (aka, I can see inside your office, close)…there are hardly any people on the streets.  So why all the lights on?  Are they hotels?  Office buildings?  What are people doing?

I feel…chaotic.  I feel like I wonder what those lands looked like 1,000 years ago…Was there the need to upgrade, or survive?  A need to indulge, or hoard?

I often wonder, given my current state of affliction…how I would have lived in the day of my earlier ancestors.  Would there have been a “medicine woman”?  A “shaman”, of sorts?  Would I die?  Would I have been killed for the sake of the survival of my siblings and community?

Brought back to the present, I look at it’s modernization and it’s fancy labels, social status indicators, data spewage and I got to thinking…what if THIS life…now…here in the present, could actually be making me worse?  The bombardment of sterility of architecture, of medical textbooks…the squelch of faith and spirituality being crushed under metric tons of concrete and ass-kissing bureaucrats.

I want simplicity.  I want to turn off the lights.

I want to hear the voices of the past whisper their secrets of survival.

I want to harness the power of spirituality, the connection to the ancestors and find the meaning of….life?  No, no, silly rabbit…

I want to find the meaning of “me.”

*image by TeryKats (

This post was written in participation of WEGO Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge, April 2012.




  1. Natasha

    So with you on the wanting simplicity. I doubt these various illnesses existed before our modernization. “Food I do not know nor trust/Air is full of toxic dust.” Circadian rhythms thrown by electric lights. Broken food chains. Chemical nightmares in the water cycle and our own blood streams. Yeah.

    “every joint in my body is red and swollen … and my muscles feel like they’ve been wrapped in a sunburn”
    You are describing what I feel like all the time. I miss morphine. Hope it is just your cold causing it.

    The meaning of you … and me … and going through all that we do. I think something of that is in what effect each of us affect in the world. You have been making a huge impact upon the lives of several children – not just your own offspring – and upon many people’s awareness of what spoonies go through. That’s part of the meaning of you, I think. Far from all of the meaning, though. Far from. You’ve got a lot more to you than just these.

    Huge lots more.

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