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Easy + Parenting = NOT.

Day 23 of #HAWMC: Health Activist Choice Day 2!

Write about whatever you like.

[enter Homer Simpson impersonation, stage left] “Don’t mind if I DO!!”

You thought fighting to keep up with some semblance of normalcy was hard?

You thought having to crawl up the stairs at the end of the day feeling like Nancy Kerrigan was hard?

You thought dealing with the naysayers and ignorance and disbelief was hard?

Try parenting while chronically afflicted.

My gal-pal Alicia asked me to describe tips and tricks I use in my everyday dealings to minimize the difficulties that daily life can present to someone with multiple chronic illnesses…

I thought and I thought.

I pondered and I pondered.

Then I came to the screeching realization that there are only a minimum number of things I can do to alleviate the stress and discomfort.


Mom of five, represent!!!

I’ve got a teenager with a substance abuse problem.  I’ve dealt with the Ottawa Police Department’s Youth Services Bureau.  I’ve dealt with social workers and principals, teachers and drug counsellors.

I’ve got a tween with behavioural difficulties that took me four years of fighting for psycho-educational assessments and related resource programs.

I’ve got as many holes in my heart as I do my walls.

I’ve got ongoing resource work for my twin 5 year old boys diagnosed with moderate to severe language AND comprehension delays (they’re making an improvement since starting school).

I try to make my daughter feel like the girly-girl that she is, and fail miserably because all I’ve ever known how to raise are boys.

Do I rest?  No.

Do I micro-manage every aspect of the chaos of my reality? Yes.

Thus, should I find something, ANYthing, to make an aspect of my daily life just a little less strenuous (tedious)…I will sure as shit shout it to the world.

Laminate flooring.  Why?  Because traipsing a vacuum across carpet takes muscle power I often do not posses.  Steam mop? No extra “squirt the floor with a -breaking fingertrigger-powered cleaner” that also causes you to bend like a pretzel to try to scrub with a microfibre mop because you’re also too damn stubborn to just reach down and chip it away with your nail. *shifty eyes*

Little plastic IKEA bowls.  Why?  Because first thing in the morning I have no grip, and by mid-afternoon any grip I may have found had jumped shipped.  I have a constant case of the dropsies and it pisses me off to no end.

Double purchases.  Why?  Having cleaners on each floor makes me happy to not have to carry two trigger-bottles like gun holsters off each jean pocket while managing a broom and a steam mop* (*see note re: laminate flooring).

Plastic table cover.  Why?  Somehow, in the throes of yet another hallucination episode wherein I am the sole person on the planet to be able to see how dirty the house has become…I can feel no pain at throwing out a $2 dollar store table cover if the caked on whatthehellwasthatandwhoateit doesn’t come off.  Better yet, it gets re-purposed into a painting drop sheet for the younglings.  Win-win.

“Micro”-management.  Huh?  Buying smaller versions of products helps me to be able to actually handle them.  Cost more?  Probably.  Care scale?  Zero.  I don’t cry anymore for not being able to tip the kegger of dish detergent bought at Costco.  Oh, I can still buy a bulk version, as long as I keep a small bottle to empty it into.

Swiffer dusters.  Why?  Omg, the number of people who’d have my head for something so NON environmentally friendly…Dude.  If I’m to get this house in any degree of cleanliness…it’s just gotta be.  Find your chi…and let it be…

I’m also bloody fortunate to have such a wonderfully supportive husband, let’s not forget.  He does the lifting, sorting…hauling and packing…I do things like manage the bills, plan the meals and can do the light shopping.

(It wasn’t always like that.

I was a single mother of five.  Two longs years of struggle……..)

So, here I am.  Yes, I most assuredly look for ways to make things easier, but…truthfully?

I’m so busy within the chaos of my reality still…that I can’t even remember what all the changes are that I’ve made to date… 🙁

My situation hasn’t yet afforded me entire freedom.  I’m a wife and mother.  Stress never entirely goes “away”…it merely morphs into something else.

No blogging and no meds make Brynn go something something…

This post was written in participation of WEGO Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge, April 2012.

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