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Earthly Transit

#HAWMC Day 20: Travel Time

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? Maybe you’ve already traveled to an exciting place and want to go back. We know travelling with a chronic illness can be challenging, so any tips for others that you can share would be great!

If I could what, sorry?


Like, out of my normal, more than a getaway for a couple of days or further than having to take any of my five kids?!?

What is this “…travel anywhere in the world…” you speak of?

Is it like one of those “honeymoon” things you often hear your friends talk about? Or, how friends go to exotic places you can’t pronounce and you have to grab an atlas because Grade 9 Geography is such a distant memory the maps have changed eleventy-billion times since then and you’ve no clue where they’re going?

I don’t get to travel.

Honestly, I’m just hoping I’ll be alive and keeping on keepin’ on to travel. Y’know. Later on. When money grows out of my asscrack or my kids have a destination wedding.


I would *love* to go to the land of my ancestors for which my second son is the sixth “Robert” in paternal lineage straight from Scotland.

I would *love* to go on a honeymoon yet to happen to Sweden and its surrounding awesomeness to learn the ways of old.

icelandI would *love* to go to Iceland and visit the beauty of a land that was founded on ancestry and lore and revel in the upcoming construction of a Norse temple that makes my soul soar.

I can dream about it. I can use Google maps and get street views of places I don’t have the opportunity to visit. I can check out books from the library and I can view the photographs of distant places when my girlfriends scrapbook their memories into albums with pomp and bling.

I make memories in the places I *can* get to. For now, it’s simply the nature of my reality.

If that changes in my whenever-future, you’ll sure as shit know it…because I’ll be throwing so much bling on those scrapbook pages you’ll be able to land a plane from my crafting studio table. 😉

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