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Another day, another link of disappointing facts and a plethora of “Duh”-isms.

Sometimes, when I take a “posting break” like I’ve done over the past couple of weeks, it’s not just because I’m tired…but that I’m T-I-R-E-D.

I’m tired of being sick.

I’m tired of endless hours spent researching my own salvation from the torment of mismanaged fascia and joint tissues and failing kidneys and a heart swollen not with love, but with fluid.

I’m tired of hearing the same, repetitive statements.  Case in point:

“Reduce your stress.”

You, dear link, can take a flying fuck-off from the left side of my wet boobs (as a result, once again, of failing fingers attached to wretched wrists whilst trying to chug back my forgotten libation).

Can I get a collective, “DUH.”

I find myself lately at the precipice of wanting to take over the world, or remaining on the fulcrum of ignorance and bliss of not reading the idiocies of the world.

Case in point:

Yadda yadda yadda………..

Seen it?  Seen others like it? Are you a Chartered Herbalist?  Am I? Not yet.

I, like a good number of chronically afflicted people I know, are not fucking idiots.  We’re a well educated lot, and I, frankly, am bloody offended by these stupid things.


*takes a breath*

Because I’ve spent countless hours researching the foods and herbs and spices and turmeric (which still sounds like damn Klingon ship’s Captain or something…) of all things…I know what to eat. I know which supplements are for which condition.

What I lack, for example, is the capacity to find something that can actually give me good, solid dosing advice.  I am not afforded the luxury of attending to a natural physician (although I do have a gift certificate for a consult…I’d better work on that with the 101+ things I have to do on any given Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and #WTF).

What I also lack, for example, is the capacity to understand the contraindications of the various, potentially life-threating, combinations due to the multitude of afflictions I currently possess given the pharmaceutical poisons I currently consume.

Garlic? Duh.

Apple cider vinegar?  Duh.

[enter Star Wars theme song, stage left]




I think the internet is a dangerous place to post such realistic nonsense because this community is oft ripe with people so desperate that they would willingly spend a small fortune on things that could, in contraindication, kill them.

It breaks my heart, really. I wish it would stop.

I, then, want to know what sites/articles/research YOU have come across that gives what you believe to be solid, productive advice to members of the chronically afflicted community.

Post them here…No “duh’s” allowed. 😉


  1. Steve Clayton

    Good sources.
    I’ll let you know if I find any.
    Till then places like yours are the ones I visit the most
    I just don’t trust anything I read online till I talk it over with my doc, pharmacist, and a few like you.

    • Brynn

      That really means a lot…anything I post I try to have already researched and cross-referenced (to the best of my ability)…I’ll never suggest that anyone go against solid medical advice, but…sometimes…it’s just so damn riddled with holes…xo

  2. Iris Carden

    Let’s see, just about everything that someone on twitter has DM’d me with telling me I could cure lupus with just this treatment…. The big one I’ve heard about is actually not even a natural remedy, but low-dose naltrexone. And, of course, checking further shows there’s no clinical evidence for the claims made about it (apart from its approved uses in drug and alcohol addiction.) Like you, I do the research before I want to support anything!

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