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Dinner is served…

…for three months.


“Why didn’t you write stuff on the weekends?”


Because I just made a listing of weekday dinners for THREE freakin’ months.

And it’s football/hockey season soon.

And I feel like being on strike on weekends.

Yes…weekends are for Shane to figure out what we’re grillin’. :o) I think he knows that, but just in case, I’ll remind him. *grin* There. Now it’s in writing.

Notice how it conforms to my OCD with all it’s pretty colours?!?!? Yup. I’m badass like that.

*pre-sorry for the photo quality…the lighting in my house just sucks. So this was taken under the light over the stove. Ironic.*

I also had the foresight (I really hate that word. Dunno why.) to list the dinners in a general succession from the SAME recipe book…

“Recipe book?”

Really…recipe book. Diabetic ones, at that. Why? To watch the carbs and sugars.  It’s really rather elementary…use recipes that are good for you, and you’ll eat better.  Yes, I’m also diabetic, but everyone should be watching their carbs and sugars…you fuction better…your KIDS function better…it’s a win-win!

So. I have three recipe books that I used. I also added in some stuff we all generally love to have. Oddly enough, I didn’t even add in any slow cooker stuff. Hunh. Weird. *off to find a diabetic slow cooker book*

Listen, when I buy a recipe book, it’s a plain-jane, no nonsense, “I’ve got it in my house or I can buy it at a regular grocery store” kind of book.  So, it stood to reason that I would eat the stuff in the books that I had.

I colour coded the books because it’s just plain easier to know where I found the recipes.  I generally kept the recipes for any given week to within the same book. It’s easier to do up a grocery list from ONE book, rather than flipping through all three. I’ve got 2.2 minutes to do anything. ‘Nuff said.

There you have it.

Dinner is most assuredly, SERVED.

Cuz even Superhero’s need to eat.


~~ Books that were used for the creation of said masterpiece were:

Canada’s Best Cookbook for Kids with Diabetes“, by Colleen Bartley – Published in cooperation with the Canadian Diabetes Association

The G.I. Diet Diabetes Clinic“, by Rick Gallop.

Canada’s Diabetes Meals for Good Health“, by Karen Graham, RD – Published in cooperation with the Canadian Diabetes Association


  1. Marie

    This looks fantastic! Great job!

    I noticed a few food dishes on there I KNOW R would devour (shrimp pad thai, for example). (and which book did that one come out of?)

    I’m curious about portions – do these recipes typically feed 4 people and you’re doubling what they make?

    You rawk!

    • Brynn

      They’re mostly for 4 people…some are for 6. I double it regardless…

      Shrimp linguine, or chicken thai…but not shrimp thai…LOL I’ll get you to try to see if you can make it out…

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