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Dinner in a dirigible?

Day 19 of #HAWMC: 5 Dinner Guests

Who are 5 people you’d love to have dinner with (living or deceased) and why?”



Chickwiththeanxietydisordersays, “What?”


I’m having a panic attack just thinking of having the gaggle of people over to my house to do a run-through of the friggin’ wedding rehearsal.

No.  That’s not right.

I’m having a panic attack just thinking of having the gaggle of people over to my house to do a run-through of the wedding ceremony.  Yes.  We’re rehearsing the ceremony.

SEE?!?!  I can’t even type a thought correctly, it stresses me the frak out.


(Yes, I am conveniently withholding thought of what the hell a wedding ceremony actually entails…so no comments from the peanut gallery, savvy?!?!)

How in the blue hell am I supposed to entertain someone for DINNER?!?

(Do you know what happens to people with a moderate-severe anxiety disorder when they eat food??  Guess.  Or Google.  Just don’t be eating when you do.  You’ve been warned.)

Okay, I can play along…

1)  Jerry Rice.  All-time, most favourite player EVER.  I adore the man, and would love to talk football with someone who has maintained his mild manners through the often cut-throat business of sports.  Then we could be eating pub-style stuff…watching a game.

*contented sigh*



2)   Kat von D.  A seriously badass chick with the fancy for entrepreneurship.  (I had to Google the spelling, I am that deliriously exhausted…’tis a big word at 9 p.m. with brain a’blaze)  What more could inspire me?  A woman of her own means, with determination, creativity and a brain.




3)  A soldier after his/her first tour of duty.  Having had a father in the Canadian Air Force (Brig. General, Retired)…I grew up a military brat.  I only knew the difficulties of an officer’s family.  My father had to travel as an officer, not for extended tours of duty.

My father always came home.

4)  Austin Lawrence.  This wouldn’t be all that tricky, ‘cuz I know him.  Personally.  And, truth be told…he’s our officiant in 16 days.  Why, then, does he make this list?  He exemplifies all the virtues and traits I strive to instil into my own sons…and he knows a shitload of really awesome lore.  Having next to no 2.2 minutes of my own to further study my ancestral paths…I am fascinated and mesmerized by the stories of old (and by “old”, I mean since there was this cow…)  He is graced with accolades and respect from the community both professionally and personally, and I know I’ve often looked to him and his family as sources of inspiration within the confines of the chaos of my own reality.

(And my daughter is totally smitten with him)

5)  Adam Smith.  Creative freakin’ genius.  He makes the world go *squee* (Okay, well, my world, but that sounds weird…let’s not make it get weird.).  True story.  I first heard of him through a friend who knew of his work in my uber-holy-crap-I-need-a-WetNap-favourite film, “The Boondock Saints”.  He is a costume prop creator, wardrobe accessories crafter, maker of freakin’ epically awesome shit.  I see him during Steampunk Ottawa events.  Truth be told, if he were to show up at my door, I’d likely faint.  Which would hurt.  Then I’d cry and have mascara run down my blushy cheeks and then I’d look like crap. *shifty eyes*  Most memorable memory?  Taking a wet-leather mask making workshop with him. (In awe.  The whole time.)  Creativity is like a joygasm in my brain.  *nods*

So…..all truth be told…there are so many people in this global village I’d love to have pop on by and chillax with…I can dream…in technicolour leather on a dirigible’s maiden voyage. 😉

This post was written in participation of WEGO Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge, April 2012.


  1. Jeanette

    “Creativity is like a joygasm in my brain.”

    *giggle* I think that’s my most favourite combination of words ever.

    True story.

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