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Dear “YOU” Girl…

I’m writing to tell you that you need to score yourself a big ol’ tube of Gorilla Glue and fix your shit up…RIGHT.  NOW.

I know you’ve been going through a hell of a kind, but believe me…it’s about to get a WHOLE lot worse…and there’s a few things you’ll need to know.  It’s how you’re going to become the “YOU” that “you” were meant to be…

You’re only 18, yet think the world and the cosmos and the alignment of the outer rings of Saturn trined with with the second moon of Pluto are making your life a living hell.

Honey, you are in for one helluva cosmic storm…even Oprah herself  ain’t gonna believe your “currently in production” made-for-tv-movie kinda life…

You have got to stop believing that the world is out to conspire against you. You ARE the world, love, and you need to stop acting like a stuck up little princess sometimes when things don’t work out “your way” (You can only blame so much shit on your OCD. Get over it.).  Oh, you’re going to get the things you’re going to want to have…and it’ll be because you’re going to get up OFF your skinny-bitch-haven’t-had-five-kids-yet ass (oh, honey….you’re going to LOVE that one!!) and you’re going to start WORKING for those things you want (Stock up on chocolate.  Just sayin’.)…

…Because you’re going to need them to handle the onslaught of events that are transpiring even as you read this now…you’re going to need to endure horror…and tragedy…and by doing so, you will learn to be the “you” you never thought possible.

Thus, you need to start taking time for YOU.  Yes. That’s where you need to start…you need to get back to playing the piano…write…learn a hobby.  You’re going to need to learn that even in the throes of the chaos of what will eventually be your reality, that you, indeed, truly do matter.

You also need to learn that you don’t have the ability to save and/or help the world.  You cannot possibly shoulder problems and issues that are not yours …you will run out of strength to carry those of your own…

You need to start believing that the things you think of Are. Worth. It.

You need to believe that by saying the word, “no”, the world will NOT, in fact, crumble into a pile of smoking shit.  STOP being a damn “yes”-man.  STOP IT.  NOW.

You need to understand that what and how you feel is NOT to be invalidated by others.  There is great crisis in the world, yes…but that does not make your trials and tribulations any less worthy of assistance or recognition…

You need to learn that you ARE a Superhero…they’re not just the creations of comic books and highly publicized Hollywood movies (do yourself a favour…don’t bother seeing Elektra…just sayin’).

You also need to learn that everything you thought you knew about being a Superhero is utterly false.  Or, at the very least…they left out a whole lotta chapters in the academic text for the Superhero program entitled, “Badass 101: The Basics of Kicking Ass”.

Superheros cry.

Superheros feel pain.  -by the way, “Voltaren”…start stocking up, honey…

Superheros feel rejection and isolation.

Superheros bleed and break.

However, Uncle Ben once told me that with great power, comes great responsibility (true story…you’ll see).

You need to push through your trials and tribulations and no matter just how bloody inconvenient, or even traumatic, they are…you MUST learn something from them.  SOMETHING.  There is always a lesson awaiting you.  Open your beautiful green eyes and SEE it.

Speak.  And speak often.  There are people who will turn a deaf ear…even though they might benefit from your words, know that your lessons are not intended for them.  Speak then, to the multitude of people who DO want to hear your words…for they may not be the ones you would have ever imagined filing strings of your sentences into a corner of their minds…

It doesn’t matter to whom…just lift up your voice…use the resources that are available to you…keep your health flowing…keep your time for your children…keep passionate about life…find something amazing every day (Tassimo Chai Tea Latte.  Just sayin’.)

You’ve got a war coming soon, love…and you are going to, indeed, kick some ass.


Love always,

The “YOU” you never thought you could be until you had to be…xoxoxo

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days


  1. Tracy Thillmann

    Wow, wow and wow. Beautifully written and definitely kick-ass. 🙂 I think writing a letter to the 18 year old you is something we all should do. Seeing things in a different perspective. Those days when I am feeling down and tired from constant pain I think about others who are fighting the fight. Thank you

    • Brynn

      I think we should, yes. I actually didn’t want to do this prompt…I honestly thought it was a “ppppbbbbfffffttttt”…Then once I started…whoa…

  2. Jenny

    Wow. Excellent letter. It really hit home for me, there are parts of that letter I could have written to myself. It’s funny, in retrospect, how naive we all used to be. Nice job.

    • Brynn

      I’m glad to know there are such wonderful people who can relate…it lessens the isolation sometimes around others who might just not “get it”…xoxo Thank you so much for taking the time out of your own day to give it a read!! :o)

  3. Fibrofighter

    Wow what a wonderful letter,I’m putting pen to paper as we speak…..You’re such a brave,funny,positive&inspirational lady……Reading your blogs today has lifted me so much……Thankyou fellow spoonie xx

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