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Dear Padawan Lost…

Day 10: #HAWMC – Dear 16 year old me…

“Write a letter to yourself at age 16. What would you tell yourself? What would you make your younger self aware of?”


Hmmm.  In November, I’d written to my 18 year old self. “Dear ‘You’ Girl…” (

I dunno.  I think it was kind of epically written.  Check it out!

Two years earlier?  What would change the message I’d written for myself?  Have I learned anything since my last post?

Damn straight.


A Message from your Master:

I’m watching you.

I know where you live and where you sleep.

I know the mistakes you’ve made, and you’ve yet to learn from any of them.

“Do you believe in ass-kickings, Miss Brynn?  ‘CUZ YOU’RE IN ONE.”

I want you to suck it the hell up.  Your life is NOT shit…you do NOT need to have the world in its entirety in your perfectly functioning little girly hands.

First, I want you to open a separate bank account, and I want you to put a minimum of 10% in it, each and every pay.  Just.  Do.  It.  You’ll thank me later.

Next, I want you to ditch your perceptions regarding “intuition.”  You have it for a reason.  Believe in it, and better yet…start trusting in it…it will, literally, save your life.

Get yourself a hobby.  Doesn’t have to be expensive…hell, start a book collection!  Do SOMEthing that is only about you, just for you.

STOP thinking that you need the accolades of the world in order to put a value on your own worth.  If the people around you cannot appreciate you in ALL your nuances, quirks and bumblings, they are no longer worth it.  Which brings me to:

Constantly take count of those very people in your life.  If they do not contribute in you growing, learning, succeeding or being happy…LET THEM GO.

At the end of your life…you need to be able to tell yourself you did everything you could…not the “everything” everybody else wanted…

Be conscious and aware of the value that you give to others’ lives, as well.  If you cannot say you can do the same for them, you need to re-direct your endeavours.

You are in for the fight of your life soon…literally, and figuratively.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, your weapons of choice will be words and wisdom and the ability to learn from your mistakes.  Don’t be so hard on yourself…if you’re learning, you’re growing, which is more than those who won’t even try…

I’ll also let you in on another little secret…you’ll have a handful of spronglings that will be your connection to remaining in this realm in order to fulfill a purpose.  I shit you not.  Good luck with that.

You are going to do great things, so start believing in yourself now.

Your made-for-tv-movie life just finished it’s opening credits…

…what do you want your first scene to be about?! 😉


Your Master of  badassery.

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