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Date Day…Chronic Badass-style.

If there’s one thing that you’re going to need to do, starting today, if you don’t already:

Make a date day.

Not a date NIGHT…’cuz if you’re anything like me, by 5 p.m. my bra is screaming to be set free and my fuzzy socks and loungewear are awaiting my I’ve-earned-this-ass.


What did this lovely Canadian Chronic Badass do on her date day today?!?

Made some memories, of course…Canadian style!!

Look what I did while oot and aboot, eh?
Look what I did while oot and aboot, eh?


First up?

Chapters, of course. I was looking for the latest edition of “Spin Off” magazine…to no avail.


But lo’ and behold…I found THE perfect tote for said aforementioned Canadian Chronic Badass…. *GRIN*

And it shall be mine…and I made it so.

Next up?

Ottawa Mini Maker Faire at the Canada Science and Technology Museum (@MakerFaireOTT).

Faire? Awesome.

People? Asshats. 🙁 I was really disappointed in how many people can literally cut you right the fook off in the middle of looking at something.

Physically…as in…step right in front of your physical being.

For someone with a grandiose social anxiety…*middle finger salute*. Common courtesy, people…honestly.

I digress.

The fair was … simple, at first. We didn’t realize there was an entire chunk of the fair inside the museum. *shifty eyes* We’re members of the museum, so we took a jaunt around (and by jaunt, I mean shuffle…after putting together an entire IKEA bedroom yesterday…we resemble a thundering herd of turtles…true story). There was a new money exhibit…and a potash exhibit that I’d not seen before.

I can tell you this much…by now I’ve a stellar “Eh!” tote AND I’ve learned what potash is. I remember learning it in Grade 4 or 5, but that damned big-assed kettle over a fire really skewed my perception of what the shit really was.

Colour me impressed. 😉

Having found the remainder of the fair exhibit…with its eleventy-billion 3D printer setups…we happened upon Rich Loen’s table…with what machine he had seemed like an Etch-A-Sketch: Level Up!!!

If you look at the hockey puck in the top right of the photo…it says the only thing a hockey puck for this gal should say:

“Chronic Badass”

True story.

As we waited for it to be sketched…we’d bought tickets to see the Mars Virtual Simulator movie thingie…sitting in a shuttle looking bunch of seats that moved with the movie. It was fantastic. If I’d had a wee bit more Timmie’s (see classic Tim Horton’s coffee cup, photo top left) I’d have more of a description…but alas…I’ve two brain cells left. I think the seat moving thingie shook them all about (aboot?).

Grabbed a Classic Tim Horton’s coffee at the local Walmart in the effort to procure two teenage boy-approved wallets to hold the impending bus passes and student ID cards.

Just finished take out (which would be totally justifiable to also post how many steps I’d taken today…if I’d have known my Fitbit thingie was off…my bad! Still learning) and watching a lil’ CFL.

All I needed to do to make this any more of a Canadiana kind’o’day would’ve been a poutine* and a “Made in Canada” tattoo while eating a Beavertail pastry…while wearing a POOK toque….(I really could go on and on…)

*I’m rather outraged that “poutine” was red-wavy-underlined and I had to add it to my computer’s dictionary….

Tomorrow’s another date day…gingers are still with their dad, and the older two lads are with my father at the cottage.

What’s next on the agenda?

Whatever and wherever these whims may take the both of us……..


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