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Cookie Overlord and Bling Ho.

I’m a multi-faceted woman.

What do cookies and bling have in common?!

They represent just a couple of masks I’ve personified over the past few days. ūüôā

So. ¬†This is my daughter’s first year of Brownies, and the fall session of Girl Guide cookies is upon us. ¬†We sold four cases in two days. ¬†I’m pleased as punch! ¬†Not just that all the boxes have been spoken for, but that I actually maintained proper brain cell alignment in order to keep track of, and schedule, cookie deliveries.

You have to understand, I have approximately 101+ things on the go inside my brain (coupled with regular brain cell activity). ¬†I’ve been having regularly scheduled cry-fests because I feel so completely exhausted from “remembering.” ¬†School, forms, activities, household, finances….

And yet? ¬†I did it. ¬†I remembered. ¬†‘Tis a beautiful thing.

Bling Ho?

As an avid scrapbooker, and presently promoting creative arts for the purpose of healing…using medium such as scrapbooking and mixed media as a form of therapy…my running joke is that there ain’t no mistakes in scrapbooking that a flower or a piece of “bling” can’t fix.

I spent the month of September hemming and hawing over whether or not to revamp an application to become of member of a scrapbooking store’s Design Team. ¬†I’d had to face the devastation of resigning from my position shortly after my diagnosis of Lupus back in 2010, given my lack of time and the stressors that comes with facing such a (then) devastating diagnosis.

I didn’t tell anyone. ¬†Not because of the “fear of failure” stuff…but because I’d come to a decision that this was, in fact, THE time to re-apply. ¬†It makes sense to me. ¬†The opportunity to support a local, loved!!!, business of mine…and do what I love to do, with the expectation of a wee bit’o’therapy!!??

So I did. ¬†Okay, so it was totally last minute *shifty eyes* but I did it. ūüôā


And I’m back on board as a Design Team Member for Tina’s Scrapbooking Creations (!!

*jazz hands*

“Oh, I can’t craft anymore, my hands are too sore.”

*nod*  I hear you.

I also hear you limiting yourself before you even try. ¬†And by “try”, I mean a valiant HOO-AH!! attempt. ¬†Did you know, for example, that I’ve made a discovery of gargantuanly obvious proportions?!?!?

I learned: my hands are going to hurt whether I craft or not.

I find it bizarre that, being a chronically afflicted community of this size and magnitude, people enduring chronic afflictions are the first to dispel their abilities to do anything. ¬†Not their friends…not their families. ¬†THEMSELVES.

For people afflicted with a plethora of “invisible” afflictions….why in the blue hell would you NOT want to craft something that people can actually SEE??!!??

“I did 10 stitches in my cross-stitch this morning!”

*BOOM*  Esteem elevates.

“I pre-cut my pieces for the card I want to make.”

*BOOM* ¬†You have physical proof of “trying.”

“I allowed myself 15 glorious minutes of uninterrupted ‘me-time’ in order to paint what I’m feeling.”

*BOOM*!!! You have allowed yourself a portion of time to “heal.”

“I wrote another paragraph on that short story I’ve been meaning to write.”

*BOOM*  Meditative escapism from the chaos of your reality.

See what I’m getting at, here??

We all hurt in some way.

We all need an outlet within which to take the care-giving pressures off of our support systems.

Why not give that scrapbooking layout a go?  Why not give that painting a few smears?  Why does it matter that you can only do a few minutes at a time?  How will you feel when, eventually, you can SHOW people your efforts?

Tangible “proof” of making a choice…a choice NOT to become a member of the Eeyore Club (said club doesn’t actually exist…but if it did, I would *really* hope the first rule of Eeyore Club would be to NOT talk about Eeyore Club…just sayin’).

People, I have found, will give more credibility to someone for trying, than for always making up reasons for why they can’t.

Go forth and bling, my peeps.

Bling well.

Your friendly, neighbourhood Chronic Cookie Overlord*.

*I need a t-shirt for that. ¬†Just sayin’.

Image above: My gingers.

Image above: @CountessaLenora, Canadian Queen of Steampunk…and family of awesomeness.

(top image from:


  1. Marie

    I adore this post. You inspire me to the Nth degree.
    … and I needed the reminder to craft and write, even if it’s just 5 minutes.

    I keep planning to… write a blog post, do that cross stitch, re-work the website, create something new for the business, but keep running into that wall of “me getting in my own way”. Time to get out of my way and get it done!!

    Thanks luvly! <3

  2. Tracy Thillmann

    Ditto what Marie said. This blog post resonates a lot with me. My job is so physically demanding, sometimes I can barely do anything when my work day is done. However, I love,love, love what I do. I see people walking out of my clinic better than when they arrived, and see a difference of weeks of treatment. I craft (paint, sew, knit, cross stitch, and now write) because I sit here and I hurt like all the levels of hell combined, but as you say if you are going to hurt, do something. I watch, and ‘try’ to not overdo it, or make my life too busy (yeah right!). But I could sit and cry about how awful my hips, or hands feel,or how spasmy my muscles are, but then I sit an dwell. If I do something that I love it really helps me find another focus, and I can always hurt later. For now there is just creation.

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