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Confessions of an Accountable Loather…

TAC3 week accountability update:

Average Attendance: 4 x week (12/21 days)


I…am progressing.

I…have increased weight on some of my…well…weights.

I…still loathe the gym with every fibre of my essence.

I…am kickin’ its ass.

Weight:  – 8.7 lbs

Biceps: 1 inch on each arm

Bust: – 0.5 inch

Waist: 1.0 inch

Hips: – 3.5 inches

TOTAL: (loss) 7 inches

Increases in machine weights:

Abductor: + 20 lbs

Adductor: steady

Lat Pull Down: + 30lbs

Leg Extensions: + 15 lbs

Leg Press: steady

Bench Press: + 10 lbs

Biceps Curls: + 10 lbs

Pectoral Fly: steady

Incline Bench Press + 10 lbs

Lateral Pull: + 15 lbs

Military Press: + 20 lbs

Triceps Extension: +15 lbs

Rear Deltoid Fly: + 5lbs

I’ve included the most primary of my routines. I alternate between arms/back/chest and legs. I work abs on occasion because I hate it.

Elliptical Trainer: Ave HR from 171 to 145 and I feel like I can go on much longer. HUZZAH!!!!!!!! I thought I would seriously have another heart attack, right there, the first day. Done. Deceased. Arrivederci.

I’m looking to search through arm/chest/back routines using free-weights. Better muscle workings are required. I don’t look forward to it at all.

All in all, three weeks (12 workout days) of moderate increases in routine, and a couple surprising losses regarding body shape. I knew my weight (of me) had kind of levelled off…but I knew my “shape” was definitely changing. I remembered I’d measured myself a few days before I started back at the gym for a tunic dress…so I figured I just see what the tape said.

For this reason alone, I recommend a permanent ditch of the dastardly bathroom scale. Clearly, a levelling off of weight was not accurate in reporting “loss”. Get what I mean, jellybean?

I also started the free diabetes education sessions offered by the City of Ottawa. Three Mondays, 2.5 hours each. I will be able to have my own (free) consult with either the nurse, the dietician, or both, after participating. I will also be receiving the number to meet with a social worker in order to manage my stress (as disguised by a complete and utter emotional breakdown at said gym) as stress affects blood sugar.

At first, I scoffed at the idea. HOW much research do I do?!?! C’mon. Puh-lease.

I learned more in that first hour than I have ever been offered at the diabetes clinic of the Ottawa Hospital General Campus when I was taught how to shoot up administer insulin four times per day when pregnant with the twins.

My intention was to go to really understand that diabetes is a disease. NOT just some off-hand “thing” some pregnant women get that may go away after delivery.

For example, I learned that my pancreas is not working properly. It is “semi-retired.” It’s an ass-hat.

For example, I learned that even if I need to take insulin down the road, I do not become Type 1. I will always be Type 2.

For example, I learned that my frustration with high morning glucose readings, when having had an appropriate supper and small protein snack before bed…is due to my liver. NOT anything that I’ve done.

For me, these are factoids of gargantuan proportions. I am “getting it.” I am starting to understand why, when sweet-tits behind the optometrist’s reception desk gasps at the diabetes, but NOT the Lupus, that it is because of the vascular damage that ongoing high sugar can cause to red blood vessels.

This is the information I should have been provided, but never was. When I see my doctor next, I will heartily suggest that she recommend this program to EVERYONE with risk factors, pre-diabetes, or the full-on disease itself.

And the only thing I had to lift was my water bottle. 😉

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