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Chronically camping…

So, this weekend we were up and out the door after the daycare kids left on Thursday afternoon. Being Canada Day on Friday, we Canucks were thankful for a long weekend!
We went camping!! :o) The three gingers had an absolute blast…they love camping so much! We are able to fall into a routine fairly easily, and between the water and the little park on the grounds, they ALL had naps each day we were there! [enter awesome music, stage left]
How did I do? SPLENDIDLY!!! :o)
Well, at least…until this morning.
Apparently my doctor neglected to tell me about other symptoms I may experience…like total hearing loss…when it comes to “hearing” my body and it’s limits and/or boundaries.
This morning I was pretzled over the throne, shaking like a leaf hanging precariously onto it’s branch in a tornado.
Oh yes. Glamour. Style. Chronic pain is oh-so-very sex-ay…
WHY?!?!?!? Well, because this weekend I spent half my time pushing children on swings and lifting them onto various play structures. The other half of my time I was busily forgetting my liquid intake and…um…medications.
Seriously, there’s not much difference between “there” and “here”. I forget. ALL. THE. TIME. I’ve even chosen the watch I want that has a ridiculous amount of alarms to set all in the attempt to remember to take a pill here, or suck back a bottle of water there…
…and it also costs oh-so-much more than it should, this watch. But I wants. I….I NEEDS it….my preciousssssss…….
Hey, listen…if I’m “afflicted” and need “assistance”…I’m going to damn well do it in style!!
Anyways…yes, I pushed it. No, I had no idea. I truly, honestly, thought that I had everything managed/contained/whatever. But, like always…my brain has disconnected my body’s ability to hear. (Which, um, ironically would seem to render having a watch with alarms a pretty moot issue, no? Maybe I should really think these things through.)
I’d rather like to think of it as “selective listening”, then.
But, as much as a fancy (or, in my case, merely “affordable”) watch will help me remember the time to take pills…it cannot address the issue itself. Issues. The pain, and why the pain is there. And why I can’t freakin’ get a clue!! And we’re off (just FH and myself) for an entire week of camping in…oh…THREE weeks!!
Buggernackles. I’m going to need more spoons. More watches. More get-a-clues.
Well, for now…I’m anxious to go through a book that my fiancé ordered and that arrived today: “The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook.” I figure if I’m going to be sitting on my well-earned ass during a particularly wicked flare up, I might as well educate myself!! What I’m MOST excited about is that HE ordered it and that HE is anxious to learn how to help (read: “assist”) me alleviate the hounds of hell issue.
This time next year we’ll be married (306 days, but who’s counting)!! And no, the hounds of hell are most assuredly NOT invited.


  1. lupoid

    I have the same problems, always over doing it and never remembering those oh so important small round whatever they might be…

    My mobile (Blackberry Storm) has an amazing alarm function but I have a tendency to turn it off and forget to put it back on…

  2. Brynn

    @Lupoid…I get you. It was recommended to me that, "There's an app for that!"…however, I don't always have my phone with me (camping, for example) Here's hoping I can remember the damned watch! ;o)

    @Melissa…isn't it always like that, though. And we never learn. I don't understand!! Nature allowing me to forget the act of having five kids, yes. Much appreciated. But not remembering how awful a consequence as pushing the limits? Now that's just plain mean!

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