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Chronic Badass SuperAbility #29


Being able to not only regularly, but consistently hit the “backspace” button.

Every time.

Know why?

Took me damn near SEVEN tries to even type that mutha’ freakin’ sentence!

I can’t believe I’m even attempting to type a post this evening (case in point, I just typed, “pot”)…Why?

I’ve spent the majority of the day hammering out (not literally, holy crap) wedding invitation “somethings”.  Today, it was specifically an hour spent printing out inserts (No biggie), three hours spent embossing “celebrate” on the front cover of the invite (Holy crap on a cracker), and another hour and a half spent cutting the freshly printed actual invitation part itself, down to size (Filed under “WTF” for future reference).  Don’t worry, I’ll post a photo of the completed AWESOME invitations NOT from my shitty phone camera that makes them look retro-80’s lipstick red.  Which they’re not.

I digress.

What’s embossing?

Why, it’s proof that I am, most assuredly, bat-shit crazy.

My wedding ceremony is in less than 2 1/2 months.

I am making my own invitations.

Said invitations are “goal”-ed to be mailable by weekend after next.


I cannot freakin’ TYPE, and I spent the majority of the day making wedding inviations…stamping and covering the stamped image with this fine powder that finds it’s way into every nook and cranny of “you”…then applying heat from a heat gun so that the temperature causes the fine granules (That’s a helluva big word for 7:23 p.m. I shit you not.) to melt and become, in my case today, kinda shiny.  It’s really cool.

(I really should post this without making any spelling corrections…you’d laugh your heiny off.  True story.)

ANYHOOOOOOOOOO…….yes.  This is how I spent my day.  The significance of which is exactly what I keep referring to….I’ve lost control of my hands.

And forearms.

Thankfully, it stops at the elbows.  *shrug*  Gotta be glad for that, eh?


I’m also deliriously tired after multiple nights of quasi-sleep, interrupted by having to haul my arse from side to side because the pain in my lumbar still plagues me overnight.  I’ve been giggling over commercials that my husband keeps missing…thus I look like that freak on the bus who’s swatting at the invisible bug.

I digress.

Again, might I direct you to the mental faculties it may take someone to actually stamp the words right side up.

I rocked them.


‘Cept….’cept now I feel (and look) like the Mayor in Horton Hears a Who when he gets the dental freezing in his arm.


(actually, I think I might even look like him…)

This might ordinarily make me giggle, or guffaw…given my sleep-deprived delirium…except for the single most important fact of all:

I still gotta FUNCTION.

Right now?  I’m currently running at a “ction.”

There’s nothing FUN about hands that don’t work when you really, really want them to…like holding your kidlets before bed…or…y’know…itching.  I would kill for a knitting needle right now (Honey?  Where’s yer stash?!?)

About this point in the post, the tops of my hands are actually NUMB.  I just showed my husband.

I think he’s secretly planning on calling a therapist.

So, I might have been a little dramatic about it…but still.



So, for tonight, I bid you adieu (re-spelled four times…”re-spelled” re-spelled twice).

Stay tuned for the next instalment (Holy crap, seriously? Type, curse you!) of “Delirium in ChronicVille.”

*In my book that I’ll eventually pen, days like today get a gold star for effort.  I made it a pretty badass productive day, despite the hounds-of-hell pain AND numb hands.


    • Brynn

      I knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww (all whiny-drawl-like) 😉 I simply do not have the genetic structure to slow down. On the upside…I was sitting down…does that count?!? xo

  1. Natasha

    You rock. Rawk? Rocque? Need a new awesome spelling. Rawq?

    And you’s NUTZ ;^D

    I get the numb (insert body part that has been over-used) thing. It is a symptom of CFS/nerve damage. Hope it’s a symptom of something you’ve already got a diagnosis of, too :^(

    With CFS it is a bad sign. As in a warning shot before you lose the use of that body part for … maybe two hours, or two days, or two weeks, or … please not permanently! Yeah. Not good. With CFS you can get it with any set of nerves, so if you overuse part of your brain then that part can go offline, too :^P Not fun.

    I SOOOOOOO get the not able to figure out the slow-down thing. I feel like a wing-clipped falcon.

    Hope you find the fun and can hotglue it back to the front of ctional. Then, can I borrow your glue gun? There are a few words I’d like to have permanently stuck together … I’m developing a list.

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