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Chronic Badass Level: Epic

#HAWMC Day 5: Breaking News

The top story of today is…YOU. Share with your
readers your proudest accomplishments in the
last 5 years. Don’t be shy, tell us everything!

My first thought when I’d read this prompt was “Awwww, HELL no!”

I formulated an opinion awhile back: the chronic illness community is there to support the chronic illness community.

Meaning? Meaning when we give our Go, Go SpazzyClaps to someone who has accomplished something awesome…something outstanding…it comes across to those without chronic disease as this:


If you tell me you brushed your teeth for the first time this week, I know you’ve been having such a bad flare that you’re tripped out on pharmaceuticals and I’m thankful you’ve managed a trip to the bathroom without falling on your Go, Go SpazzyAss.

Other people?

“Ew. Dude.”

So, this post is going to be dedicated to my children and my husband, because they are the ones who are the ones to weather through me crying, crawling up the stairs, or holding me when I’m shaking from pain.

I want them to remember the “balance” that is required to maintain some quality of life in this less-than-stellar affliction of disease.

I want them to remember that no matter the condition, I still “Do.” I still set goals for myself and I still aim to achieve them. I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, I will continue to say it until the cessation of my cellular activity:

I’m going to hurt no matter what I do. Thus, I will “Do.” and, at the very least, make memories for myself and for my family.

That being said, here’s a little bit of my last five years:

– I got married. I designed, crafted and planned the whole feckin’ thing. I learned to sew so I could make my children’s clothing for it (Youtube was my BFF).

– I created Lupus Interrupted. March 26th was my fourth year of blogging: a blogiversary!

– I quit smoking. March 28th was my fourth anniversary of quitting smoking.

– I did a ColorRun…and I walked it…and I loved it. 😉

– I have been featured on Geeky Godmother, BlogNerds, Autoimmune Mom, Stanford University’s medical blog, Scope, and my story will be published in an upcoming book on positive healing through empowerment.

– I’ve been a nominee, a finalist, and a judge for the WEGO Health Activist Awards.

– I’ve participated in Twitter chats on patient empowerment stemming from my article for Scope as it was part of a compilation of patient stories, “Empowerment By Experience, 2015” by Inspire.

– I’ve endured running my own business.

– I became a foster for the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue.

– I founded Kubb Canada with my husband, Shane, and run a national championship held annually here in Ottawa. We aspire to unite Canadians in the global village of kubb sport and make various playing and community appearances to promote the sport.

– I’ve crafted and performed spiritual rituals for my community.

– I’ve raised over $3,500 for Lupus research for Lupus Ontario in the Ottawa Walk for Lupus over the past three years.

– I studied and received my designation as a Chartered Herbalist.

And, yet? It’s uncomfortable talking about it all together…putting it all into a list. I am really profoundly affected by the number of times I’ve heard those four damning little words: “It’s not about you.”

The hell it isn’t.

It’s MY life, is it not?

I’ve been dissuaded from “Do.”ing because others have failed.

I’ve been questioned and I’ve been doubted because others couldn’t believe I could “Do.” it.

No more.

My life is NOT for the non-believers.

My life is, as always, my own.

It really is as simple as that.

So, whilst I go wash off the stigma that chronically ill people can’t “Do.” shit…I revel in my next goals and where the next adventures will take my Go, Go, SpazzyAss!






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