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Chronic Awareness Sugar Mama…

So.  I’m doing it.  This.  Thingy.

No, I’ve never done one before.  BUT…this much I can say…it most assuredly will not be the last one I do.  (No, I don’t think you can actually end a sentence with “do.”…but I did.  Huzzah.)

“National Health Blog Post Month”.

Why? – because I might feel physically broken, but I’m still kickin’ some intellectual ass.  This scares the shit out of me, frankly.  It’s a commitment thing.  Which is ironic.  Because I get married the day it’s to begin.

Why? – because I need the swift kick in the keister that I believe this has been created to do. (Again, “do.”  Ever the rebel.)  This is the launch I need to narrow down my OCD ADHD with all things chaos…as is my life.  Get to it.  The point. Every day.

Why? – because this is what I need to blast my esteem through the proverbial roof.  When you’re chronically ill…sometimes you fall into that trap that that’s all you are: ill.  I’m not “ill”.  I’m just…”health challenged”.   I’m not friggin’ dead yet, so by logical deductive reasoning…it stands to reason that I’m very much capable of “doing”.  I just “do” it on a slower timeline/in a different manner than I’ve previously been riding on…(no comments from the peanut gallery on that intellectual doozy).

This?  This is definitely “doing”.

What?  Making a blog post.  Every day.  For 30 days.

Doesn’t sound that hard, does it?  Might I allude to the infamous “brain fog” that plagues the chaos of my reality?  It’s hard.  It’s FREAKIN’ hard.  And it’s…every…damn…DAY.  Weekends included.  Holy shit.  (o.O)

What do I hope to accomplish?

Knowledge.  Information.  Sharing.  And the huzzah of “Holy shit, I bloody well DID it!”

I need this.  I need this to kick my ass into gear to get into the mindset of information sharing that will, I hope, also get more of a Canadian presence into the chronically ill community.  So, by extension…YOU need this.  Right? ;o)

I’ll be your chronic awareness sugar mama…

At the end of it…what will I receive??


It’s not what *I* will receive.  It’s what YOU will receive….my utmost gratitude for every “like” and “+1” and “tweet”…in the name of every chronically “health challenged” individual in SpoonieVille who, I believe, deserve to be inspired to be their absolute badass self. :o)


  1. Tracy Thillmann

    You can totally be my sugar mama! I am looking forward to being committed to read your blog post everyday. Thank you for challenging yourself to help both those suffering and those not. Information and sharing has definitely helped me learn more about chronic invisible illness and how I can take charge of me. Thanks you and hugs.

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