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Challenge Level: Third Skin

#HAWMC Day 9: Challenger
Share with readers about a time you had to
overcome a daunting challenge. What words of
encouragement would you share with others
who find themselves facing similar difficulty?


I….uh….got out of bed this morning.

I have to take one of my twins to the children’s hospital for a CT scan because his ear surgery (for tubes) didn’t go so well, and there’s continual mucus building behind his tympanic drum that his ENT is worried is eating away at the upper bone of his skull on the right side.

I started my week this week with a meeting with my second son’s vice-principal.

In all seriousness, when do people, in general, *not* overcome daunting challenges? Further still…how many *extra* daunting challenges do patients with chronic illness or disease overcome??

There’s the initial diagnosis.

There are the continuous, relentless appointments with practitioners and nurses who get a paycheck.

There are the people who don’t understand.

There are the people who do understand (sorta’kinda’maybe-ish) but have no idea what to do, what to say, or how to react…and there’s eleventy-billion articles on the interwebs certain to make them all feel like a bag of smashed assholes for ultimately saying “the absolutely WRONG thing.” so why bother saying anything at all?

There are the people who really don’t have to understand at all. That’s the hardest. That one hurts the most. Why? Because we begin to personalize our disease and our thought process turns to the, “Well, it’s super-duper important to me…why is not super-duper-uber important to you??”

*** Please. Do. Not. Personalize. Other. People’s. Opinions.***

There is the questioning of the “Everything.” that could do, couldn’t do, would do, wouldn’t do, should do and shouldn’t do.

There are the “suggestions” that you know deep down in your gut that are so full of shit you’re stunned this person would even suggest it…the “Did you know?” and the “Read this!” of fallacy and utter nonsense…but you look it up anyway because…HOPE, goddammit!!

Overcome a daunting challenge?




You have got to, GOT TO, grow yourself a third skin, people!! *jazz hands*

The challenge is going to be how to tell people (because gosh darn it all to heck if you tell people the “wrong way”), how much to tell which people, and how to receive the eleventy-billion well-intention-ed “suggestions” that don’t take into account your current medications, other health afflictions, blood pressure, tissue damage, blood glucose or even your lifestyle and finances.

Then there’s the challenge of overcoming what to do when people back away because you’ve got a disease they’ve never (hardly) heard of thus it cannot be as critical as something awful their grandmother or father had…so you’re full of proverbial shit and it must be all in your head and shame on feckin’ you for crying out for attention. Get some therapy. Or, bubble wrap.

*takes a breath*

Please. Please take the time to make sure you believe in yourself…because YOU are going to be your own BFF in your journey through chronic illness or disease as you advocate not just to your doctors and healthcare team, but to your friends and family.

You OWN the choice to ensure you find the things that make you happy and you’d better damn well ensure that you choose to “Do.” them,, because:

You are worth it…and you matter.

It’s so very easy to spiral into depression with chronic illness or disease because not only is it hard enough of a battle to fight from within…you are bombarded by the “Everything.” that the rest of your community tries (or not) to “help with” and your ongoing and consistent fighting through social stigma towards invisible illness.



Every day.

masters of the universeAnd, every day we have a choice to help, advocate and educate. It gets tiring. We need to be the masters of self-care.

We’re like…Masters of the Universe, man. I’ll be Fisto. The better to punch the Cosmos in the junk when it’s being an asshat.

I believe in you.

Carpe the shit out of your diem, peeps. \m/

Challenge Achievement: [Unlocked]


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