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Canadian, Level: Badass

It’s part of my vision statement, in fact: To be globally known as a Canadian health advocate and blogger providing information, resources within the realistic journey of kicking ass with a mo-fo autoimmune disease and it’s plethora of secondary syndromes.

True story.

POOK toque...all the cool kids have one (well, those that don't have their tongues frozen to a pole, perhaps)
POOK toque…all the cool kids have one (well, those that don’t have their tongues frozen to a pole, perhaps)


Which is why, in fact, I continually stress things like my love for poutine, hockey, POOK toques and Beaver Tails. Google is your best friend. 😉

[come to think of it, I take no responsibility if you Google “Beaver Tails”…just sayin‘…*shifty eyes*]


I am, in fact, often referred to as a “Superhero” by my wonderfully supportive and bat-shit crazy friends (can I call y’all my entourage…even if you don’t literally follow me around…’cuz that would be WICKED cool…).

So I did what any good Superhero would do.

Made myself a mutha’ freakin’ cape. 😉

I became the “Canadian Chronic Badass.”

Spider Chick...Spider Chick...does whatever a Spider Chick does...
Spider Chick…Spider Chick…does whatever a Spider Chick does…




Ottawa Walk for Lupus, 2012.






So…what is all this about, this post?????

My newest addiction, Canadian, Level: Badass.

I give you…………………………………………..


Heroes of the North...not your average, polite Canadians, eh?
Heroes of the North…not your average, polite Canadians, eh?


If you have a *joygasm* for all things transmedia webseries….

Well. You are in for a treat, my friends.

Canadian. Superheroes.

There’s The Canadian, 8 Ball, Nordik and Fleur-de-Lys…there are good guys and there are villans…there is Crimson who I fookin’ LOVE beyond all reason…you’ll need to watch the episodes to find out why 😉

“…Since its launch, the series has received over 2 million aggregated views on all the platforms on which it is available (Koldcast, BlipTV, YouTube, DailyMotion, etc.) and is now available on DVD, while the comic book compilations and the toy figurines are also available in every local comic book shop in North America.“~Indiegogo campaign

Episodes? Click HERE to find your way there…

All the cool kids love Superheroes...just sayin'...
All the cool kids love Superheroes…just sayin’…

Worth the anywhere from 5-10 minutes of your time per episode. No worries about having to commit to an hour-long show each time. You can watch it on your way into work or during your warm-up on the elliptical before lifting heavy shit and putting it down again (I like training…sue me.)


Know what I really, really like? Beyond the scope of the characters themselves, or the fact that the props and locations are uber-stellar…


Notwithstanding the fact that some episodes even kick off…then wait until that “just about gotcha!” moment, THEN starts up the intro. Y’know. Big league-like.

Love the logo. Love the music.

I also really, really like strong women characters. I like strong women characters that kick ass and don’t need saving and say “Fuck!”

And those are the ones on the “good” side. *grin*

Being a superhero ain’t always for shits’n’giggles, y’know. Sometimes you just gotta call it like it is. Kind of like…oh…my entire blog. *shifty eyes*

But WAIT! There’s MORE!


Click HERE to find your way there…

Oh, but there is most assuredly MORE…

Season Two Indiegogo campaign.

Take. My. Money. 

So, they did, and I am STOKED to look forward to Season Two!!!!!!

*the perks will be a nice addition to my collection, that being said 😉

Independently produced, I can’t wait to see what else is in store for the Heroes of the North. I am truly, truly loving the series.

“But why on earth would you put this as a post? It’s not your…”usual”…”

Because my posts are about the reality of living with a mo-fo autoimmune disease.

Because I do the best that I can with what I’ve been given.

Because even 5 minutes of fun escapism provides to me an opportunity to think of nothing else in the chaos of my made-for-tv-movie kind’o’life.

Not of health or kids or money or home or job or even the people who think that *I* am some kind of (bat-shit crazy?) Superhero to inspire them to keep on keepin’ on…

Because taking 10 minutes of fun escapism is the *jazzhands* of the “I-sat-myself-down-and-rested” to quell the finger waggles towards all that I do with all that I have.

Nope. This is for “Me.”…and you cannot possibly put a price on the ability to do something for oneself within the context of “Fun.” and/or “Memory.”

So, I bid you adieu as I go put on my SuperSocks on and get down to some good ol’ Canadian Superhero ass-kicking.

No damsel here, thanks...
No damsel here, thanks…



Because I, most assuredly, can. 😉


Your friendly, neighbourhood Canadian Chronic Badass



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