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Can your *health* take your licence??

After a weekend of indulgences during one of the  most beautiful Thanksgiving weekends EVA’…….I got to thinking.

True story.

And this thinking was even more important than that of the horror I endured at the knowledge that someone purposely put orange and brown Smarties into the Reese’s Pieces bowl…and even more important of what that tiny bowl of sugar-evil signified to diabetics everywhere in that very cottage:

Police aren't the only ones who can take your you know who else?
Police aren’t the only ones who can take your licence…do you know who else?


Everyone who attended a Thanksgiving event this past weekend that was not held in their own homes…likely drove or was a passenger in a motor vehicle. 



THEN I got to thinking about the webinar I had been asked to participate in last Wednesday about diabetes and it’s often misunderstood companion… hypoglycemia.

THEN I got to thinking about how many people were over-indulging in both food and drink. Not to excess, mind you…but more than their “normal”, or status quo.

THEN I got to thinking about a particular piece of knowledge that I picked up in this webinar, that was NOT even alluded to in the free diabetes education sessions hosted by the City of Ottawa I attended way back in the Spring.


You are required to inform the Ministry of Transportation of any health conditions that may affect your ability to drive.

Diabetes is one of them.


Say one was to over-indulge in alcohol, a known glucose-reducer and hypoglycemic event inducer, and has a hypoglycemic episode that causes them to instigate a motor vehicle collision.

Said person is going to lose their licence for a pre-determined (provincially regulated) amount of time because….?

Physician’s are required, by LAW, to report any health conditions that are capable of interfering with a person’s ability to operate a motor vehicle.

For example, here is the medical form required in Ontario:

Medical Condition Report

This indicates a plethora of conditions that physicians MUST report to the Ministry of Transportation under section 23 of the Highway Traffic Act.

Feeling picked on, my fellow Ontarian’s?

Here’s a form from the Office of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles in British Columbia:

Driver’s Medical Examination

Diabetes is under the “Endocrine” section, right under the “e” the SAMPLE watermark. Yup. And, look how detailed this form is…A1C…last hypoglycemic event…the works.

Are you from Alberta?

They have one, too!

Medical Examination for Motor Vehicle Operators

Section 6. Have a gander.

From sea to shining sea?

Here is Nova Scotia’s

Driver’s Medical Examination form.

I’ll direct you to Section “I”…diabetes mellitus.

Each province has a standard of care to which both patients and physicians are required to adhere

Lesson of the day?

If you have diabetes…if you have ANY health condition that could in ANY way impair your ability to operate a motor vehicle, you NEED to have a conversation with your doctor and with the Ministry of Transportation in your province, if required.

They are not doing this to single anyone out…or to blame or shun or pick on you.

The “what-if’s” are so significant, I implore you to ponder the social duty not just to other drivers on the road, but to your family…to your friends…who will also be impacted by your inability to drive…or worse.

Today’s Public Service Announcement brought to you by:

Your friendly, neighbourhood Canadian Chronic Badass xox

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