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Brain Board!!!

I’ve decided to have a “brain board”….it’s the place where I can write down all that I’ve done during the day.
Why? Because at the end of the day, when kids or spouse walk in and I’m sitting on the couch, netbook in hand….I want them to be able to see that I didn’t spend the whole frakkin’ day sitting on my ass eating bonbons watching Oprah (I should write to Oprah, but even she wouldn’t believe half this made-for-tv-movie life)….
What message does it also send? It also sends out that I feel like I have to justify daily what, if anything, I do accomplish. Some days it will be full. Other days there might be one or two things on it. Why?
***Sing it with me!!***
“Because life is like a box of chocolates……”!!!!
I never know what I’m gonna get!!!
So here’s my brain board:
Try writing in chalk up a wall on a decal…fun times.
And yes, you read it right….”clean shit off floor”. Why? Because I’ve spent the last 4 days with a twin he-beast who has suddenly discovered some primal fear of seeing his stuff floating in the toilet (seriously…not even Oprah….*sigh*….)
So this is my “leave me the hell alone because I actually had minutes of energy to push through the pain and/or discomfort and I deserve the down time of just sitting…”

Maybe I should also get a faux traffic light…
Green means “GO ME!”
Yellow means “I wouldn’t ask that…just go do something to help out”, and
Red means “If what you’ve got to say isn’t covered in chocolate and fed to me by a cabana boy accompanied by a drink with a little pink umbrella…leave me the hell alone….”
Greens+ update: Smoothie. Orangsicle. “No blender needed!”
What they MEANT to say, in fact, was….”We’re secretly watching you try to force a full scoop of powder into a ONE HALF CUP of water…and watch you try not to vomit on the chunks.”
I’m currently Googling “recipes” for it…and trying to see what other ones are available. A friend of mine has suggested “Protilife” shakes….anyone have any thoughts…leave me a message!


  1. 5andproudofthem

    OMG!!! You make me Laugh Brynn!

    It is sooo true that when they walk through the door we are sitting on the couch. But after a FULL day of hell before that…lol

  2. bastdanica

    LIKE LIKE LIKE **Red means "If what you've got to say isn't covered in chocolate and fed to me by a cabana boy accompanied by a drink with a little pink umbrella…leave me the hell alone…."**

    Greens+ Smoothie – get out the damned Magic Bullet to make your smoothie? Magic Bullets make the BEST smoothies ever. Frozen fruit, fruit juice, Greens+ — that should make for a much better product. I know you have a Bullet because Vidar posted a while ago that you had one. 😛

    Alternative: Find a container with a lid. Add scoop of product and water, Cover and shake wildly. Drink.

    How dare anyone assume you've sat on the couch all day…

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