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Blog, Boob & Button. #HAWMC Day 2

I’m laughing a little bit harder than I should at today’s #HAWMC Day 2 prompt:

“Every great writer has their own process! What’s
the blogging process look like for you? Do you set
aside time each week to write or do you wait until
the inspiration hits? Do you finish a post in one
night or use the week to perfect it? Do you edit
your blogs or just hit publish? Whatever it is you
do, it’s unique to you and we want to learn about it.”

Cuz, well…2016 can take a flying leap off my left boob. Which, incidentally, also affected my blogging for the year (the year, not the boob), as discussed in yesterday’s post. I give 2016 the *middle finger salute*. Because….

2016 was sure as shit NOT my preciousssss....
2016 was sure as shit NOT my preciousssss….

Yeah, yeah….lessons learned…kept going…yadda yadda…but the pain of the endurance through The Everything within my soul took its toll.

And a metric ton of coffee.

*shifty eyes*

How do I plan my blogging process usually?


Well, I tried making a list of topics. Then, I tried remembering to look at the list of topics. Then, I got frustrated by the structure of using lists of topics and decided I’m only good at following lists in a grocery store.


Who am I kidding. I can’t even follow one there. One must remember the dastardly written list in the first place.

Then, I Googled “blog prompts.”

Then, I promptly disliked all of the prompts. For whatever reason. Probably lack of coffee.

Nope. I blog when I want to which was/is usually a couple of times a week and is ALWAYS relevant to a thought or circumstance or event that has occurred. Again, I direct you back to yesterday’s post about writing it real and raw and all that good jazz.

Thing is this: Over the past number of years of blogging I’ve learned that on MY blog? The resource posts or the educational posts needed to be wrapped up in LIFE.

Fun fact: The most popular posts in my entire almost-six year blogging journey were the ones steeped with conversation with my readers about depression, mental health, spiritual crises, etc. Lightbulbs? Meh. Got shared a lot, but didn’t have that….”YES!!”….connection with readers.

Wanting to drive myself into the river because I felt that I literally couldn’t even? Eleventy-billion likes, shares and comments.

In a nutshell…I know the posts that my readers relate to: Those conversations in the interwebs about what it is that I’m doing within the chaos of my reality. There is a connection to the “you are not alone” and of the “OMG! I feel the exact same way!” and they need not feel shame or guilt or anything negative of the sort.

In a further nutshell, I blog with the use of colourful language (cuss like a sailor) and sarcasm because…that’s what my made-for-tv-movie kind’o’life is…and I’m sure as shit betting yours is pretty damn spot on the same.

To publish or not to publish....
To publish or not to publish….

Extra bonus points go to posts that I really hesitate to hit “publish”. Those are the extra-deep, ooey-gooey rich mental health related posts. There should be a button widget you can push to play some dramatic theme music whilst you sip upon your java (or tea, or whatever) and lean in closer to your screen, riveted in exhilarated anticipation of my next big A-HA!! moment.

I digress.

While I like the concept of regularity (and really, regularity does do a body good….tee hee)…I feel constricted and I simply rebel against the social networking formula.

Because I’m badass like that.

Or, stubborn as shit. Whichever.

But….when I DO write…I write…I edit…I edit again…edit once more for shits’n’giggles…and then post. DONE. If, when doing a blogging challenge month, I feel extra clever, I’ll write up the easier posts en masse and schedule them.

That, peeps, is the reality of my blogosphere of awesome badassery.

What about you? Spill it! I’ve got all the coffee to sip on whilst waiting…. 😉

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  1. Wendy Kool

    Hmmmm Lists…. the paper pads are missing, and the lists already made are no where to be found. Keys in the ignition and now I forget where it is I am supposed to be going. Another day with Brain Fog, at the “funny farm”. But I can still laugh at it all…sometimes!

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