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Because, unicorns.

Said I would.

I will.



So, my husband and I took off to the Ottawa Geek Market on Saturday.

This is a substantial piece of escapism afforded to me at very rare intervals.


I have a universe of geek within which to escape the networking, social media, researching health advocacy chaos of my reality as an autoimmune-afflicted WAH-mom to five…and this past weekend…the Ottawa Geek Market obliged.

We hadn’t even gotten in the entrance doors before hugs and hello-ing with our lovable Geeky Godmother, who was live-tweeting during the event. Not even in past two displays before seeing a buddy of ours…then I saw a woman I’ve recently made a dear connection with during a now-regular “date with the gals for coffee”…then I saw several friends I haven’t seen for EONS…

And that’s how it was. The whole afternoon. Go, Go SpazzyAss here purposely putting myself in the line of fire of over-stimulation (colours, sounds & lights).

Events like these afford me the opportunity, as well, to reconnect with people I don’t usually have the chance to see. Period.

PLUS: Geekdom. Of all kinds. Everywhere. Scored a memory card for my son for his Gamecube we’d gotten him last fall for his 18th “Retro” birthday. 😀

Wanna know what the “Colour!!” and “Happy!!” was that I got for myself???

The sheZAM!! of "Colour!!" and "Happy!!"
The sheZAM!! of “Colour!!” and “Happy!!”.

That’s right…a unicorn shittin’ a rainbow, y’all.


Turns this frown upside down.

Know what else I got for myself?

No Jack or Rose, though...and no quartet. Huhn.
No Jack or Rose, though…and no quartet. Huhn.

Now I can pretend I’m sinking a mutha’ freakin’ colossal ship…and be freakin’ happy about it whilst wearing my Socks of Incredible Happy.

True story.

What’s your favourite geek genre?? Can you pick just one?

My sweet, somewhat sad, irony is…

I am an impossible girl who waits for a Doctor. 😉


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