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“Be careful what you read in health books….

….you might die of a misprint.” ~~Mark Twain

I like information. Crave it, actually….and I must say, emphatically, that most of the information on lupus that is out there, in terms of actually assisting one who is afflicted with chronic illnesses (like lupus and fibromyalgia), is crap.

It’s not Google’s fault…Google is logical…it tells me where to find facts.

No, the problem is this: Facts are the ONLY things out there….and for someone who is newly diagnosed….those facts can be deadly.

Why? WHY?

Because fact #1 was not cross-referenced with fact #2, nor does it take into consideration fact #3, the consequence of combining said facts could thus lead to an allergic reaction, organ failure, or perhaps even death.

No, Google is NOT capable of interpreting the facts. Stop placing the blame! That’s where *YOU* and *I* need to be aware…if you’re going to research ANYTHING, you MUST check, double check and then cross-reference….which just adds to the already stressful schedule of doctor’s appointments, trips to the pharmacy….and living life in general.

One of the things that has been queried of me is with respect to diet. Not, “are you on a diet?”, diet.No, the “do you have to modify your diet?”, diet. I’ve been asked if I’ve eliminated wheat. Or gluten. Or sugar. Or dairy.

The second of things that has been queried of me is with respect to supplements/herbs/etc. “Have you tried a tincture of this?” or “Make sure you add this to your recipes….it’s got anti-inflammatory properties.”

Okayyyyyyyyyy….let me offer a gentle reminder to you all…..*takes deep breath*…. :

I am a self-employed mother who is managing five children, daycare children, a household, a future spouse, planning a wedding, managing lupus, fibromyalgia and Type 2 diabetes whilst dealing with a made-for-tv-movie kind of life structured within the chaos of my reality.

Lemme put that into geek form:

Mother of five(24/7) + daycare + planning a wedding = NO F’ing TIME

But wait!! There’s more!!
NO F’ing TIME + limited resources + behaviourally challenged child = CHAOS

Now, if you extrapolate to the (nth) power, you get the following:

CHAOS to the power of (made-for-tv-movie-life) = 0

Lupus + Fibromyalgia + Type 2 Diabetes

Uh, ya….I’ve soooooooooo taken the time to eliminate certain things from my diet because it pleases me greatly to add to the stress I covet similarly to the way a vampire would love to sit outside on your veranda for tea at 2p.m.

ADD: the information that people generally throw in my direction regarding herbal supplements/food products has not 1) taken into account any other affliction I am currently experiencing, 2) which medications I am currently shoving down my gullet and 3) the contraindications of ALL of this added to the “whatever it is” they’re so excited about.


Which, in turn, makes people stop looking for ways to help.

I can find the same facts as anyone else…what I lack is the time to check and verify those facts. Back to freakin’ square one. :o(

That, my friends, leads the one afflicted right back to the internet trying to push through the pain to Google how and what you can do to help yourself.

Vicious circle.

Oh, I’ve checked the internet for resources on the best foods with anti-inflammatory properties. Yes, I’m sure they WOULD help….but look….LOOK closely at the information you are gathering….where does it say how much to take/in what quantity to consume said food in order to obtain the maximum benefit? Anywhere?

It makes me think of the milk commercial where 1 glass of milk is equivalent to a big slab’o’salmon, or a whole bowl full of broccoli….in what QUANTITY do you consume it?!? No one tells you that. It isn’t REGULATED by any Acts or regulatory bodies.

Supplements. Awesome idea, but again….in what quantity do you have to consume the “whatever it is you’re excited about”?? I don’t have time to pee, let alone remember to swallow 12 freakin’ capsules a day!!


And of course, any possible benefit I could find would very likely come from a certified naturopath, or someone similarly educated in holistic healing who will work in conjunction with your medical professional….AT WHAT COST to you? Are only the wealthy entitled to good care? These people have the ability to share the knowledge that we, the afflicted, are not afforded due to the effort it takes just to function during the day…but yet…we are the only true advocates of our condition.

Just because people afflicted with chronic illnesses appear to, at times, look physically inactive….I can assure you….our brains most certainly are NOT.

Because we’ve developed such an intimate relationship, maybe I should just have “Google” tattooed on my ass.

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  1. Rya

    I think a Google tattoo on your bum would be very fetching ;P

    Sounds like a lot of frustration, I offer *hugs* for lack of being able to do much else.

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