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Avocation Diversion, Say What?

#HAWMC Day 22: Hobbies

Running and 3PM dance parties are some of our favorite hobbies at WEGO Health. Tell us, what are YOUR hobbies? Love to crochet? Can’t stop collecting rocks? Take photographs of everything? Share your favorite past times.

Well, I don’t run. Like, ever.

‘Cept, I suppose, if it was the zombie apocalypse…then I would only have to run faster than someone else. Could happen. Otherwise, you’ll find me and my zombie-target blind dog in the corner eating our last meal.

Hobbies. I was trying to think of something other than the scrapbooking I’ve mentioned only eleventy-billion times thus far…but really…


Being a Z-Force team member for Zman Games.

We volunteer to do board game demonstrations at events and local gaming stores.

My first event was just a couple of weekends ago, when I helped volunteer at the Pandemic Survival event held at our local (aka, just down the hill from us) gaming store, The Kessel Run Cards, Comics and Games.

The infection...has begun...
The infection…has begun…



Kicked that sum’ bitch to the curb, I did.

Had a blast, I did.

True story.

Next big event?


Ottawa ComicCon, people. My very first Comiccon, in fact. I’ve always been preoccupied with preparing, physically, for the Ottawa Walk for Lupus…so this is a BIG. DEAL.

A really, really big deal. 🙂

Volunteering was not something I’d *ever* considered doing, so I’m really stoked that I pushed outside my comfort zone, further into the “Happy.” It’s also a friggin’ bonus that I’m doing the volunteering team member stuff with…my husband! \m/

Board games. Those pro-social activities that you can tailor to suit your physical demands.

Brain dead? Try something with an easy rule-set.

Hands dead? Try something more attuned to mental puzzles instead of manipulating player tokens around the board.

Legs dead? Nice try. Sit the hell down.

Body dead? Call 911. Try something that you can easily play on the couch, like a dice game. Use the box lid to contain the die.

Pro-social activities are oh-so-very important to maintain healthy relationships with your partner and family, as well as give yourself the escapism that is often a relief, no matter how temporary, to the depression that accompanies chronic illness.

What kinds of games are on your favourites list?? 🙂


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  1. Pamela

    Well my absolute favourtie games involve treaties with other players, destroying everyone else on the board and then battling to the death for total world domination/annihilation, depending on whether you are the victor. Well, me playing games where my evil twin surfaces is not conducive to family harmony… I no longer play those games but love Catan, Killer Bunnies, Pandemic, 7 Wonders, etc.

    The world is safer without me playing to total world domination. 😉

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