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As seen in 2013…A Photojournal of Living with Lupus

It was the best of times…it was…

It wasn’t the worst of times, but 2013 was a bugger of an asshat and I’m not sad or wistful to see it go.

It was “challenging”…and those challenges simply didn’t let up.

On the other side of the scale was SHINY awesomeness.

It was a balanced year, I can tell  you that.

Sorrow, hardships and death.

Building, networking and relief.

Here’s a little bit of my year in 2013:

Twins turn SIX!!
Twins turn SIX!!


Diagnosed with language learning disabilities each, my boys had been accepted into language classes and are receiving resources that are improving their lagging skills profoundly.



After a whirlwind second year blogging, a Finalist in the WEGO Health Activist Awards!
After a whirlwind second year blogging, a Finalist in the WEGO Health Activist Awards!


Somehow, somewhere, someone is taking something positive from my sharing pretty much everything about living with chronic illness.

If it helps even just ONE person, I endeavour to continue…



Nav Can Centre - a getaway from the everyday...with BLING!
Nav Can Centre – a getaway from the everyday…with BLING!


A group of gals getting away with our scrapbooking/paper crafting goodies for a weekend at Nav Can Centre in Cornwall, Ontario.

No kids. No partners. No cooking. No dishes. No bed-making. No….well…and BLING!! 😀

*jazz hands*


Family banner
Family banner


Go, Go, SpazzyHands here crafted our family banner.

‘Nuff said.



Own your shit.
Own your shit.


A year continues…

“Do the best with what you’ve been given, but for the love of all things…DO.” ~Pattie Brynn



Trump Towers
Trump Towers


A little bit of luxury for our family down in Toronto for my cousin’s wedding.

We’ll skip over the phone call part telling us that the valet ran another car into the front of mine…

*stabby glare*

"I am the hero in my own story..."
“I am the hero in my own story…”


Photos before this year’s Walk for Lupus.

I was gifted Wonder Woman socks.

They’ve gotz lil’ f\m/king capes on ’em!

True story.


Knight in Armour
Knight in Armour


My group likes to dress up a little for the Walk for Lupus…my husband donned his hand-crafted chainmail armour to wear.

That’s many extra pounds of shiny awesomeness on a hot, sunny day. <3


Putting the Awesome in Awareness #lupusstyle
Putting the Awesome in Awareness #lupusstyle


We got noticed!

We ended up in the local Gatineau, Quebec newspaper.

None of our names are correct. 😉


Lost Boy #2 returns...
Lost Boy #2 returns…
A mother’s tears…

Lost Boys. I haz them.

Struggles and challenges and decisions no mother should have to endure.


This year saw the return of them both.

Gythia for a baby naming ceremony
Gythia for a baby naming ceremony


To take part in a ceremony for good friends, for a beautiful child…words fail to articulate the impact something like that has in one’s memory.

I will cherish and remember this moment all the days of my life. <3




Spending the year spreading a lil’ “Colour!!”, and finding it when I needed it most…

It’s like fun, shiny awesomeness on the less-than-stellar days…


The *squee* heard 'round the world...
The *squee* heard ’round the world…


People ask me all the time where I got the name “Brynn” from.

“Brynja.” Old Icelandic for…………..?

“Armour.” That which I carry for the benefit of me & my family…and that to which I need to let go.

Hail and Horn Gathering...connecting to community.
Hail and Horn Gathering…connecting to community through feasting and ceremony


Hail and Horn Gathering was likely one of my most profound moments.

One, single, moment in time redefined an entire thought process for me, and brought to my very essence new life, new meanings and new definitions.

It also brought me hope.




Brynn got herself photo-bombed by the lovely Geeky Godmother during a camping festival held in the summer. 😉

Yes, Geeky Godmother has cookies, too…just sayin’…


At least it's not a duck face!
At least it’s not a duck face!


Me and my companion, Rose…a blind 5 year old Cocker Spaniel rescue.

She’s perfect.



The other *squee* heard 'round the world...
The other *squee* heard ’round the world…


My husband traded in his car so we could get a van.

First time in SIX years we can all go together as a family. No more two cars, split up, who goes where bull. *happydance*


Lost Boy #1 returns...
Lost Boy #1 returns…

Living with Lupus and my secondary afflictions is challenging, at best.

Living with a substance dependent son is…well…added to the rest of the family dynamics, results in a trifecta of struggle the likes of which have drained much of my emotional, spiritual and physical resources the past four years.


Lost Boy #1 graduated from a residential treatment program and is living a remarkably different life…providing for his family with his presence, and helping developmentally delayed youth in his high school.

Own your shit.

He did just that.

Red Spiral Women's Retreat
Red Spiral Women’s Retreat


‘Twas my first time attending a women’s retreat.

It was emotional, joyous and gut-bustingly AWESOME.

My I’ve-earned-this-ass will be parked here each and every year. 😉


Find YOUR "Colour!!"
Find YOUR “Colour!!”
Color Me Rad
Taking “Colour!!” literally…

“Color Me Rad 2013.”

Taking my bat-shit crazy colour-finding weirdness to a WHOLE new level. 5K’s worth. 😉


Kubb Canada goes live!
Kubb Canada goes live!


Helping my husband bring his dreams of a national Kubb tournament LIVE. It allows me to help support HIM in HIS dreams and goals…

…with no Lupus involvement. \m/


"The Day of the Doctor"
“The Day of the Doctor”


Geek Year Activate!!

Although I missed Ottawa ComicCon (getting my car hit by a valet’s incompetence) I still managed to get through to both Dr. Who episodes of awesomeness. If you know, you *know*. 😉


Dominion Herbal College
Dominion Herbal College


Owning my shit?

Becoming a Chartered Herbalist.

Lupus, your days are numbered. Love, Brynn.


One place, one time, one big bunch of bat-shit crazy!
One place, one time, one big bunch of bat-shit crazy!


Just one big bunch of crazy in the chaos of my reality.

One made-for-tv-movie kind’o’life.

Wouldn’t have it any other way.


Stick a fork in it 'cuz 2013 is DONE!
Stick a fork in it ‘cuz 2013 is DONE!



From my family to yours, have a safe and colourful 2014 New Year!!





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