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funny_cat_chef_cooking_wallpaper#HAWMC Day 10: Comfort Food

We’re not all 5 star chefs, but we all need to eat! Tell your readers how to make your favorite dish. Does the recipe hold a good memory for you? Is it the act of cooking itself that brings you joy, or the people that come together to eat it?

Let’s just call it “Poutine Day” and we’ll just leave it at that.

*shifty eyes*


Okay then. If I must…

So, our family has a “dish.” This dish has been made since the beginning of time. #notreally

It’s my Grandma’s “dish” and it’s been with me ever since I can remember, because whenever we would go to visit her, she would make it. Well, she would make it, and she would make roast beef. I’ve seen leather shoes more pliable, but, hey…we’re not all 5 star chefs. 😉

It’s fully of gluten-y goodness, so please don’t shit on my Fruit Loops because my reaction will require a disclaimer. Just sayin’.

Macaroni & Cheese Casserole

2 cups of cooked noodles

1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese (please use regular cheese, not the fat-free, light, etc because the chemical binders that then keep it together make it yucky) Use a blend of cheeses…go nuts.

1 can of tomato soup

1 can of milk

1. Combine all in a casserole dish and put in the oven for an hour at 350C.


Honestly, it doesn’t get much easier than that, peeps. Sometimes…. shhhhhhhhhh….I get really cray-cray and cut up hotdogs to cook along with the noodles… 😀

I know, right? Mother of the Feckin’ Year, right here yo!

As a military family, I didn’t get to see my Grandma very often, and when we did…this is what she would make. Every. Time. I’ve known this dish since I was a baby. #notreally But, still…ever since I can remember.

This dish is my Grandma…and my Grandma is memories that fill my life. I miss her so very much.

So? I’ve got all five of my younglings making this dish. 😀

Eldest two can make it on their own.

Our daughter can now make it on her own (with guidance) and made it to earn her Cooking Badge in Brownies last year.

The twins now help shred the cheese and cook the noodles and stir it all up.

And, each youngling will get the recipe to make for *their* families.

So. Much. Awesome. 😀

We pair it up with a salad or some fresh veggies and we’re good to go.

I have Type 2 diabetes. I watch my portions carefully. I also know what it is that I’ve had to eat over the course of a week and don’t always require the Diabetes Police to show up. It’s an insult to having worked really hard through weight training and, of course, diet, to successfully eliminate the THREE Metformin I have previously required to help my blood glucose levels.

I’m not passionate about food. I have a plain palette and I don’t really like a lot of the things that would be better than other things to consume. However, I realize the importance of how food connects a family and by including the younglings, allows them to have a positive experience with food, making it hella more likely they’ll damn well eat it. 😉


Comfort food.


Whole body health.


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