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A Yuletide #gladitude special!!

…it’s been a helluva past couple of weeks!! Let’s get us back on track with a recap of the wonderful sentiments of #gladitude (check out the link if you’ve missed it!) that have poured in over the past while….


#gladitude. I cannot even begin to explain the extent of my gladitude today. I have a very dear and wonderful friend in Georgia, who was laid off her job four years ago. Since then life has been a constant struggle for her and her family. Today, she starts a new job as a receptionist at a dentist’s office. #gladitude.

#gladitude Today I was gifted by a neighbour I barely know, with a winter coat, especially designed for someone sitting on a scooter or in a wheelchair. Short at the back but long in the front to cover my legs.


#gladitude having a husband who is patient enough to wait after a concert to ensure me getting the chance to meet and get a photo with my favorite singer, Loreena McKennitt.

I even had a #gladitude post from the illustrious philosopher/author, Brendan Meyers!! 

Sunset over the foothills of Gatineau park, 10mins ago. Ice on the treetops, sun column in the sky. Magical. #Gladitude.


#gladitude because you are you. And we love that:) xox

I only put this in cuz it’s been one of those “past-two-weeks” and it made me feel all warm and squishy, and not in the “I peed in the pool” kind of way.

Tami Stacklehouse

My gladitude? The neurologist had a cancellation right before I called to make an appointment. So my week-long migraine could come to an end.


Hermagherd! I have a wall of ME! A client of Pinups for Cancer contacted me saying that they had a wall of my artwork. A DEDICATED WALL! HERMAGERD! #gladitude


Oh, I’ve had a few:

#gladitude: A visit from my mom. A visit that changed the dynamics of the holidays. A visit that came with a festive plant (put up high) to cheer me up and a card that made me cry non-waterproof mascara. A visit that solidified that my karma is, in fact, on the awesome side…it came to repay me three-fold. ♥

Over a decade ago, my mom was in a not-so-nice spot, and I quietly slipped her a white envelope on the down-lo, hoping the money inside would take some weight off of her overburdened shoulders. I nary remembered until this visit…it wasn’t even a “I totally rocked over a decade ago, by doing “this””…

She reciprocated. Holy crap on a cracker, we have some Yule financial relief!

It’s been hard without my oldest here, as the holidays quickly come calling. To know it is a problem that I do not “own” does not heal the hole in my soul. I take advantage of the company of the smaller versions of his self, as captured in a couch-snuggling moment in time. I love little people feet. This is of my littlest little, Thing 2.


Also, I’m a HUGE proponent of being able to wake up in the morning.

Today is my family’s Yule. We celebrate the customs and traditions of my ancestors. There will be mead, family and feasting (and fricken’ little Yorkshire puddings that I looked all over the city for, only to find out they were…uh…in the one freezer case I didn’t look in…). It will be grand.

Then there’s all this New Age “shift in humanity” stuff going on. Pretty cool.

Still hasn’t brought back Firefly, so I’m not nearly as impressed.

Today’s #gladitude?

I have instincts. I trusted them.

The asthma attack I thought I was having a couple nights back was deemed to have been a “silent heart attack” for which I now await a plethora of healthcare teams to call me up to hook me up to tubes and stuff. If it ain’t bionic, it ain’t cool enough, I say!!

There’s a lot to be said for mental healthcare accessibility, especially in the light of recent world events. I think I’m going to make some good use of them. Because as much as I know I have things going on that are not mine to own…

…I can use the hole in my soul as a window into the state of my body…which has given me its final clue-by-four. Time heals.


I hope you and  yours have a wonderful Solstice day, a very Happy Yule, and from me and mine, to you and yours…”The days only get longer from here!” 🙂



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  1. Pamela

    So happy you listened to your body. Had a feeling something was up… I wish you space and time with the quiet of the falling snow to get some much needed time with your loved ones to heal your heart a little. Hail to the strongest badass anglo-saxon woman I know!

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