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A Pause to Account…

I don't have a photo of my at the gym, so this'll have to do. You won't ever see a photo of me at the gym. Just sayin' ;)
I don’t have a photo of me at the gym, so this’ll have to do. You won’t ever see a photo of me at the gym. Just sayin’ 😉

Accountability update number….whatever.

Seriously, the days are melding into one another in way that is both awesome and terrifying…like some kind of super-flux of the space-time continuum…

“I must know what you’re on….”

I can’t think anymore. I have SO much on my plate, my plate morphed into a platter…It’s all “good” stress…but any stress affects chemical balances regardless.

School’s out for my gingers. School will be out for the daycare girls next Thursday. Meaning? I go from 2.5 hour workdays…to 10 hour workdays.

Let’s call it: “Busting Ass for 10 Hours Straight Days”. Breakfast. Crafts. Snacks. Reading. Activities. Lunch. Crafts. Parks. Collapse.

Yes, sitting at the local splash pad and getting paid for it is frabjous. However, keep in mind that the preparation in order to sit at said local splash pad is riDONKulous. (o.O)

How do YOU adjust your health regime over the summer months? Is it easier for you? Family time? Mine is both easier…no bus runs or school lunches or homework… AND harder…physically. I cringe in anticipation. I lose my gym-time, so I must come up with an alternative time/workout that I can complete after working said 10 hour days without killing myself. Literally and figuratively. I still must study the herbalism program.

I will make it, or I’ll be making the evening news. Just sayin’. 😉

That being said…it’s time for: The Accountability Factor.

I had to own my shit, and I have.

Three months, three days:

Weight: -22.4lbs

Arms: -1″, up 0.5″…getting some nice biceps/triceps…still a WIP.

Chest: maintained at -5″

Hips: maintained at -4.5″

Waist: Meh. Stupid baby belly pooch won’t ever go away, but my shape is back at -5.5″ Hourglass. Boo-ya. *eyeroll*

Legs: another -1″, -3″ total/each

TOTAL inches: -21″

What’s frustrating me the most are the conditions that people put on nutrition and food.

I eat for fuel. I have a treat on occasion. It keeps me from making the evening news.

What I detest…LOATHE, in fact…are the plethora of “You should eat _______”. People should naturally be eating a variety of healthy, whole food, adjusted for their particular life-condition: Healthy. Auto-immune. Diabetic. Celiac. Athlete. Balloon animal.

I’ve had as much success as someone who is vegetarian. Is one “better” than the other? Who gives a good goddamn? Their life is not my own, I am not responsible for their blood glucose or insulin response.

You may not, however, attempt to tell me what is best for me.

I’ve got issues in this regard. I soooooo need therapy. (o.O)

And what I do choose for me will change continuously. It already has. As my glucose and insulin response changes (For the better…I’ve been able to ditch ONE Metformin/day!! That’s THIRTY Metformin pills I no longer need per MONTH. THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY pills per year!) I can adapt my food choices accordingly. I’m not saying I can have a Snickers. I’m saying I can have different fruit, say, than I’ve been avoiding. More minerals and vitamins from more sources…and so on…

I guess it’s so blatant because of so many health pages, groups, blogs I currently follow. Bah. That’s a hard part of being an advocate/activist. I try (I really do!) to present a factual response to an issue. I don’t try to suggest my personal opinion on something so wickedly varied…it’d be rather stupid to do so. I have them…opinions…and quite strongly! But, I concede the absolute fact that we are not one and the same. If your choice of any health regime is based on education, knowledge, with the backup of your physician…


To date, I’ve said I would be accountable and own my shit.

To date, I’ve been mutha’ freakin’ OWNING IT!

How are YOU, or are you at all, adjusting your health regime to adjust for the new summer reality?

What is your most favourite part of the summer months?



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  1. Pamela

    Yay Pattie! Just wanted to cheer you on in your efforts. I too have given up listening to everyone’s ideas of what diet regime is good for me. I am doing what works for me and Michel which includes as much good healthy food as possible. HUGS and Love always!

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