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A little bit of right here & now…

Day 14 of #HAWMC – Dream Day

You are in full control of your dream day! So for today’s prompt, describe your ideal day. How would you spend your time? Who would you spend it with? Have you had this day? If not – how could you make it happen?

Ordinarily, my dream day would include hot white sand, cabana boys and drinks with lil’ pink umbrellies in them.

Then I got older, popped out five kids and can’t really drink due to the medications I’m on.  That sucks balls. *shrug*


Do you believe in dream days, Mrs. Brynn?…’Cuz you’re IN ONE!”

I shit you not.  Right now…today…this very post…is being written during my dream day…

…away on a weekend retreat, no cooking, no cleaning (magic sparkle fairies), no husbands, no kids, scrapbooking and a truckload of chocolate.  I think I can hear my cells divide I’m so buzzed out on sugar (shhhhhh…don’t tell the endo!!).

Okay, okay…it might not sound divine…but it’s (I just wrote ‘tits’…true story. I might also have a glass of mead on the go.  Could happen.) the best thing for ME.

I’ve gotten to work on some cards to have on hand when my brain fog makes me forget birthdays and gift thank you’s…

I’ve gotten to play with the steampunk photos of my dear friends and their family.

I’ve gotten to use bling.

I’ve been listening to kickass music.

I’ve been stuffing my face with really good food and putting the tray onto a conveyor belt thingy to go on to the land of “Clean.” I don’t question the travelling trays.

I’m just about to go up and put my jammies on in preparation for late night (read: early morning hours), tipsy layouts.

I look forward to this twice a year.

What do I dream about when I’m not HERE?

I dream that there will be a day where I’ll be told that I’m in remission.

Could happen.

Until that day comes…I raise a glass to you and yours and hope that you have a wonderful, badass kind of dream day of your own…

True story. 😉


This post was written in participation of WEGO Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge, April 2012.

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